Cardi B Megan Thee Stallion WAP
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

As we near 24 hours following Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s first live performance of “WAP” at the 2021 Grammy Awards, it seems no one can stop talking about the duo. Or for that matter, Post Malone absolutely vibing in the audience. The cameras cut to the “Rockstar” artist dancing along to the hit track with a red cup in hand. And the feeling throughout the internet was mutual.

Credit: GIPHY

One Twitter user posted, “Cardi and Megan should get Oscar nominations for that performance.”

For matters of primetime television however, the main lyrics in the single which read “We A*s P**sy” were bleeped out of the performance. We can assure you, social media did not appreciate that.

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah hosted the Grammys and had his own hilarious reaction following the performance. The elaborate set was made up of a giant bed complete with sheets, a giant heel and a stripper pole.

“Wow did you see that?! That was amazing,” he said. “It’s so soft. What is the thread count?”

Noah continued, “This is a dream that I’ve had—to be in bed with Cardi B. And then my grandmother comes in and whips our a–es for having our shoes on in the bed.” The Grammys host then cuts to a commercial break to “let the stage dry off.”

The live performance was also accompanied by solo renditions of Stallion’s “Body” and “Savage” as well as Cardi B’s new single, “Up”. Stallion won three Grammy Awards during the evening including Best New Artist, Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for  “Savage”. Cardi B was notably left off the nominations list but “WAP” won’t be eligible for a Grammy until next year.

In the meantime, we will enjoy Twitter going nuts over the track. Watch the full performance here.