Much like the American dream, Ralph Lauren’s dream girl has always been this kind of classic, All-American girl. The natural skin. The straight glossy hair. The strong power brow. Striding through tall grass, slacks on, coat draped, cheeks flushed, ever so slightly. It’s a beauty look he has had on repeat since the 70s; a little Town and Country, a little cowboy, a little Lauren Hutton and a little horseplay all rolled into one. It was what the American dream looked like if it was a beauty look: classic, streamlined, white.

Since then, a lot of things have changed (diversity, for one). But in terms of beauty, it has been a much of a muchness, with the clean Americana aesthetic prevailing from season to season, year to year. Within this formulaic look, perhaps Ralph Lauren’s greatest beauty legacy is the All-American power brow. That bold, bushy, strong brow has become as iconic as the little polo player and horse, serving its own kind of IT-dom within the construct of beauty. And much like the bushy-tailed models before her (Clotilde, Cindy, Brooke) Taylor Hill is the modern day personification of Ralph Lauren’s power brow.

Today, taking tea at Ralph’s Café, Taylor Hill played muse to Lauren with her full, groomed brows taking centre stage. Against a pared-back complexion and natural eyes, those strong brows rose to Lauren’s level of crisp American beauty. Mighty and angular, they recalled the brows of Lauren’s previous well-endowed muses. Hilary Rhoda nuzzling into a pristine white horse in 2017, for example. Cindy Crawford having a Ralph moment in 1992. Filippa Hamilton, photoshopping controversy aside, starring in 2009’s campaign. Andreea Diaconu’s knitwear + brow combination in 2019. Or model Clotilde – Lauren’s ultimate 80s muse – moving from the wheat fields of America to safari in Africa with her strong groomed brows.


And today in New York City, Taylor Hill walked with a set of strong, cultivated brows in Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2019 show. “A moment I will cherish forever. Opening the @ralphlauren show was so special to me, as this brand has been a huge influence in my career, and an inspiration to me in the fashion industry. I feel at home within everything that Ralph Lauren has created, the elegance, beauty, and strength that is within each woman. And I’m so proud to be apart of such an iconic American brand.”

A brow that beholds the preppiness of the East Coast, the masculinity of the American cowboy and the glamour of Old Hollywood, Ralph Lauren’s power brow lives on.