Here’s a free piece of style advice that is important but not parsed often enough: the watch maketh the outfit. Granted, in our era of technological overload many of us have ignored the full sartorial potential of the watch. But there’s a reason why fashion icons throughout history—from Jackie O to Bella Hadid—have loved wearing them. They look chic. And they tell the time. These two elements—practicality and good looks—converge in this season’s buzziest new watch collaboration, between rag & bone and CASIO.

The iconic New York label and the beloved watchmakers have come together to celebrate the former’s 20th anniversary, launching a collection of limited-edition watches that embody style elements of both brands. Featuring two key styles, the rag & bone + CASIO collab is inspired by one of CASIO’s earliest digital watch shapes, the A1000. This new design features the same retro-chic digital watch face and metallic chain strap, but subtly updated with a clear LCD screen, a monochromatic band and case, and a five-row solid metal band for maximum comfort. Put simply? It’s the quintessential ‘simple-but-polished’ aesthetic we always strive to embody. Plus, the collaboration also marks the launch of the Casio Premium Line, an ongoing selection of watches with an elevated look, feel, and quality.

As for how to style it, we recommend following rag & bone’s lead and blend timeless silhouettes and colours with playful and modern design elements. Wear your beloved denim, but zhush it up with new-season detailing like feather-embellished trim. Pair it with a white tee and classic tailored blazer, but pick cuts and fabrics that feel fresh—like a boxy shoulder on an unexpected material like leather. Finish it off with a great new-season sandal, a keep-forever pair of sunglasses, and—most importantly—your rag & bone x CASIO limited edition watch. Being on time never looked so good.

Shop the rag & bone x CASIO collection of limited edition watches at, as well as select Australian retailers, now. Prices start at $399.