rachel hunter skincare
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Supermodel Rachel Hunter is an icon – so it made sense that when New Zealand skincare brand essano was looking for a new face for its cult Rosehip Oil, there could be no better partner than the beloved Kiwi presenter. Hunter, who says she’s used rosehip oil in her skincare routine for more than 15 years, saw the brand while shopping in her adopted home of Los Angeles.

“I saw essano on the shelf in my local Rite Aid in LA. It is always exciting to see a Kiwi brand reaching America, so I bought the product off the stand right there and I got in touch with essano,” she revealed. Of course the brand was thrilled, which brought about their new partnership that sees Hunter share her passion for natural skincare with the world.

“I have pretty dry skin and essano Rosehip Oil helps my skin feel softer and dewier,” she says of the multi-tasking beauty hero. “And I don’t stop at my face. I use Rosehip Oil on my neck, arms, legs and body as well. I love its golden, honey colour and you can feel the sumptuous moisture from it as soon as you put it on your hands.”

GRAZIA caught up with Hunter to talk all things skincare, natural beauty and finding balance.

GRAZIA: Talk us through your current morning skincare routine.

RH: My morning skincare routine starts with a refreshing toner spray, followed by essano Rosehip Oil. I let it soak in a bit and then I put on a touch of foundation and mascara. I have a very basic routine, I like to keep it as natural as possible. I’ve found this works for me, however I know skin can be hard at different stages of life and things can change as you get older.

Rachel Hunter during Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter Sighting at the Peninsula Hotel in New York City – November 11, 1991 at Peninsula Hotel in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)
GRAZIA: And at night?

RH: I’ll often reapply the toner throughout the day, especially here with the LA heat, and in the evenings I remove my make-up with Rosehip Oil before using it on my entire face and sometimes my body as well. I have tried and continue to try many things on my skin over the years – it’s part of understanding and knowing what is good for your skin.

GRAZIA: Best beauty advice?

RH: Find what makes you happy and smile and laugh. When someone is smiling it fills the room and you will look beautiful. I know what that may sound like, given my career, but I really love that we are now seeing so many different types of beauty, the inner depths of beauty, and I hope this expression continues.

rachel hunter skincare
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GRAZIA: What’s your favourite way to unwind?

RH: I love to hike, yoga of course is something I started over 17 years ago then went to India and became trained in it. It wasn’t the reason I went to India, but to journey there. Then I became a teacher and here I am loving doing workshops, retreats, breathwork classes.

GRAZIA: How do you care for your body?

RH: Body care for me is having a bath with salts and oils. Always amazing to do these rituals, like new moon and full moon. My morning ritual is meditation, coffee then yoga and walking my dog Babee, of course. 

GRAZIA: Do you have any life-saving tips that help you stay healthy?

RH: I do try to keep plant-based as much as possible. Plant-based meal kits are amazing and are a great way to save produce from being thrown out and to save money. 

GRAZIA: Have you passed down any beauty wisdom to your daughter?

RH: Everyone needs to find their own and do what’s right for them. We share products, but I let her find her own way and what is right for her. The number one piece of advice I would pass on to her is that natural is almost always better in every aspect. 

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