Questlove (Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Get out your gold dancing Crocs! If you found yourself unable to stop grooving between the acceptance speeches — and wolf howls — on Sunday’s 93rd Annual Academy Awards broadcast, you’re in luck! Questlove, who served as the ceremony’s first ever DJ in lieu of a live orchestra, has posted a playlist featuring every track he played at LA’s Union Station.

Janet’s “Together Again.” Donna Summer’s “Love To Love You Baby.” Lots of Prince. And, of course, E.U.’s “Da’ Butt.” It’s all here.

The broadcast itself may have been a little underwhelming, but Questlove kept the energy in the room up with his carefully curated selection of tracks. In a statement accompanying the playlist, he reveal that, unsurprisingly, things really picked up during commercial breaks. “Knowing this was the first time we were together since LAST YEAR (Oscars 2020 was my last trip before lockdown) I made sure the music was livelier & exciting during commercials,” he said.

The Roots frontman also broke the pro DJ’s cardinal rule for one cinema doyenne: “Francis McDormand graciously requested ‘Brick House’ by the Commodores,” he says. “Normally I avoid requests, but it was her night so I gladly obliged.”

Questlove also reprised his 2020 role as the Oscars’ musical director. Unfortunately, the original music he and The Roots recorded for the show didn’t make the playlist. But throwbacks like Kriss Kross’s 1992 hit “Jump” is there alongside Björk’s “Human Behaviour.” This calls for a mid-Wednesday dance break!