Guests at Richard Quinn’s runway show at London Fashion Week overnight were treated to a special surprise – none other than Queen Elizabeth was in the crowd.

The 91-year-old monarch was seated in the FROW next to Anna Wintour, distracting from the outfits on the catwalk as attendees got to take a peek at real life royalty.

The royal watched with interest as models sauntered up and down the runway, but in pictures from the show you’ll note she didn’t clap along when the rest of the crowd.

Queen Elizabeth doesn’t clap for just anyone, you know.

The Queen was there to present the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. The honour will be awarded annually to an emerging British fashion designer who shows exceptional talent and originality, while demonstrating value to the community and/or strong sustainable policies, according to the palace.

If Queen Elizabeth enjoyed her visit to London Fashion Week, maybe she and granddaughter-in-law-to-be Meghan Markle can go together next time.

Speaking of Meghan, she and Harry are yet to attend any London Fashion Week events, although we haven’t given up hope that they will just yet.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton hosted the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange initiative at Buckingham Palace earlier this week.

Royals + fashion = about as glamorous as it gets.