Following trend of the undone-done look, Redken Hair Director Richard Kavanagh took charge backstage at the We Are Kindred show to give the everyday braid a utilitarian, yet runway-worthy update.

Working with the idea of what it means to be apart of the We Are Kindred tribe, the look reflected the practicality and strength of real women in the real world.

“We’ve created a slightly more lived-in, gritty texture using Fashion Wave Sea Salt Spray and dry shampoo, which is our Pillow Proof Two-Day Extender, because it makes it feel like she’s been out working. It’s like a days worth of being outside, picking trees, in the orchard, what she’s doing in my imagination.”

“We’ve put a little bend in it with an inch-long curling iron and then synch it back into this utilitarian braid. The idea is that her hair has gotten in the way, she’s braided it back so she can get on with her work, and then we’ve just used thread to stitch it at the base to make it feel like she hasn’t done it for aesthetic reasons, she’s done it for utilitarian reasons.”

Reflecting the bohemian aesthetic of the We Are Kindred woman, Kavanagh added hair scarves and hats into some of the models looks. “Some of the girls are wearing these bandanas that we are braiding into the hair, some of the girls are wearing hats or little hair accessories. It feels very lived in and strong.”

Pro Tip 1: hiding your hair elastic from the world
“There’s a couple of tricks if you don’t want to see your hair elastic. One is to use a strong hold hairspray; I like to use Triple Take 32. Spray that onto the ends, give them a mush with your fingers and dry it in with some hot heat, and that will hold that braid in place.”

Pro Tip 2: How to keep your bandana in place (all day)
“The key is to make it slightly smaller on your head so it doesn’t slip off. So you’re putting it on the crest line, the widest part of your head. And you can very easily use a couple of little bobby pins hidden in the back to pull it in tighter and that will give you extra security.”

Pro Tip 3: the secret to undone-done texture on curly/frizzy hair
“Start with a moisturiser, I use our One United All-In-One Miracle Cure, work it through the hair and then blow dry it smooth with a bristle brush to get the surface texture right, and then put a little bit of a tong in it, and then go in with the sea salt spray, just to add that little bit of natural texture – and I always use it on dry hair”.