NEW YORK CITY: By all accounts, everybody was vogueing all over the place uptown at Pat McGrath’s Labs launch at Bergdorf Goodman on Friday night. According to Guest Of A Guest (an online publication dedicated to documenting the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite) Pose darling Indya Moore exited the party at 10.20pm.

The 24-year-old actress “stepped up” to security guard accusing him of physically pushing her and claiming he was “self-righteous” and “disrespectful”. “She started screaming at him,” one source told Page Six, while another added, “She was yelling, ‘Don’t touch me!’ and ‘Don’t talk to me like that!’ She was in his face. It went on for at least five minutes.”

When the guard said he would call the police, Moore reportedly encouraged him to and told him he would lose his job by the end of the night.

Moore took to Instagram to unofficially-officially make a statement. “Most people are socialised to obey figures of authority under any circumstance. I don’t and I never will,” she began. “If anyone ever in a position of power tries to abuse their authority over my body, I will hold them accountable when and where no one else will. I will let them know how they harmed me. I will be upset. I will be angry. Point blank period.”

“I’m a black trans woman. I’ve been through enough and I’ve gone through a lot to stay alive.”