Many designers at MBFWA18 have been making a case for the pink (and orange) eye. Karla Spetic, Thurley and St.George NextGen set the wheels in motion with hints of pink and orange across the eyes of their model armies.

Karla Spetic kicked off the trend, trying to achieve a “translucent feel… like they are being lit from within, a bit like a stain glass window”, which was inspired by the collection itself. “The inspiration for the look came from the collection itself in the sense that the clothes had a beautiful sheer glow and that’s what I wanted to achieve with the makeup”. In a team effort, the Smith & Cult Book of Sun Chapter 1 PaletteSmith & Cult Book of Eyes Eye Quad Palette in Song for Fields, and the Smith & Cult Shining Lip Lacquer in Milk for Hunny and Marriage No. 2 came together to achieve this look.

At Thurley, the look was to appear as if “the girls have been running around lost, they’ve got a panicked flush, glowing cheeks and are feeling flustered”. Touches of pink on the lids add to the flushed appearance of the face to ensure the girls look naturally pink and not so doll-like. To achieve this look, try using the 3ina Metallic Eyeshadow in 500 and Cream Eyeshadow in 316.

Skipping tradition at NextGen, Anna Papadopoulis of Napoleon Perdis opted for oranges and coppers in place of the classic bronze tones used in most smokey eyes. Looking less brown around the eyes added to the all-round glowing appearance of the skin. To achieve this, Papadopoulis used a combination of Napoleon Perdis Colour Discs in Tequila Sunrise, Amazon Jungle and Green Living.

So don’t let the cold take the colour out of you. Battle the winter blues and paint yourself pink.