Francophiles (and general hair enthusiasts) rejoice. Phyto have landed in Australia, and are teaching us French – by way of our locks.

The cult French haircare brand is here, and on a mission to not only French-ify our tresses, but repair them from root to tip (superbe!)

When it comes to hair, no one quite masters it like the French. Whilst the ineffable allure of French Girl hair is difficult to measure, one thing is certain: it is forever desired and emulated the world over, and in Australia, our quest for French-girl hair continues. Utterly dégagé, unfussy and natural in texture – it’s the kind of nonchalance we want to champion. But how do you put the je ne sais quoi into your hair? With a little help from Phyto, of course.

First things first, a French girl’s hair must always be healthy. French women rarely showcase over-coloured, over-processed hair and over-styled hair, rather, hair is natural in finish; softly mussed, gently rumpled and beautifully lived-in. Contrary to our local obsession with blow-drying, smoothing, styling, sunlight and colour, the French favour an uncomplicated hair routine and restorative haircare. Glance inside the very chic beauty cupboard of any Madame or Mademoiselle, and you will see Phyto – a brand that harnesses the power of botanicals to make hair great again.

From the beginning, Phyto was a pioneer in developing a botanical keratin capable of making up for the structural deficiencies of hair in the cortex. Put simply, if the cortex has been damaged, keratin is laid bare, and it is keratin that ensures solid and elastic hair properties, i.e. healthy hair. Consisting of protein chains, it ultimately resembles a large skeleton, and with wear and external stressors, its protein chains are severed, allowing amino acids to escape. Meaning? Hair becomes dry, dull, brittle, porous and very un-French. Enter Phytokératine Extrême, a new botanical range to overhaul unhealthy, unhappy hair.

Comprising a botanical keratin of 18 amino acids, it mimics the exact structural makeup of natural keratin, delivering it to where your hair needs it. Basically it fills in the gaps, rebuilding the original architecture of the hair. Think of it as a hair renovation, less the labour (and time!) Plus it restores lipids that are lacking, supplementing them with two precious actives, Sapote Butter and Rare Baobab Oil, which work to regain shine, silkiness and suppleness. Lather up with the Extraordinary Shampoo – a plant-derived, sulphate-free cleansing shampoo that will leave locks suitably silky and supple, then finish with the Extraordinary Cream – a perfecting thermo-protective cream which instantly repairs damaged hair bringing it to life again. C’est magnifique!

And the second part to French-girl hair? A beautiful ritual. It’s no secret French girls take care of themselves, and their hair – so an indulgent mask is mandatory. Take five (or even ten), and indulge in a little hair fancy with the Exceptional Mask. Soak strands in this luxurious, ultra-rich mask and watch hair instantly soften, radiate and speak French (in lock-language, anyway). It’s the ultimate way to spoil both yourself and your strands.

As Phyto make that aspirational French-Girl hair a reality; arm yourself with croissant, beret (how very on-trend) and Breton stripes, and you’re half way to becoming French. Oui oui.

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