Recently, I spent the day trawling vintage shops in London, on the lookout for an elusive pair of Levi’s 501s that I was sure I would find buried on a rack somewhere. I’d put the entire afternoon aside, knowing vintage jean sizes varied and stocked up on snacks to combat the turn my mood would no doubt take after a few unsuccessful hours in hot changing rooms. 

This would be the day I would finally find the pair of jeans I could rely on, I told myself. They’d be a high-waisted, loose fit style that would clinch at my waist, before fitting loosely on my thighs and down to my ankles. It was of utmost importance that they wouldn’t balloon at my hips or accentuate my upper thighs. They wouldn’t be cropped, but they wouldn’t drag on the floor, either. They would make my bum look nice, but not too big. They’d be the perfect indigo blue and the perfect amount of worn. 

Naturally, after searching both the womens’ and mens’ sections of all of the best shops West London has to offer, I returned home empty-handed and feeling quite… gross. Is there anything worse than attempting to pull on multiple pairs of jeans you thought would be baggy on you, to find you can’t get them over your thighs? 

Despite denim trends evolving and changing over time, from low-rise Y2K hip-hugging to flares, skinny, skater and, now, cutouts, jeans as a whole never go out of style. So it’s surprising that still today, with all of the technological advancements on offer and all of the fashion brands attempting their own take, it still feels almost impossible to find the perfect pair. 

That evening, I scrolled Instagram and saw a post by Dua Lipa. My thumb stopped moving. Lipa was posing in a denim butterfly top and was wearing loose-fit denim jeans. My eyes went to her waist, where they sat perfectly, before the fit changed to just the right amount of loose. I doubled tapped: Lipa hadn’t tagged the brand. With years of experience Instagram shopping, I quickly searched Lipa fan accounts, landing on @ClosetOfDuaLipa, an account that documents every outfit the pop star wears. There, they’d identified the jeans as being the relatively new Benz style by Eytys, a Swedish brand famous for its sneakers.

Upon further investigation, I found Lipa has almost exclusively been wearing Eytys recently, owning a pair of the brand’s Benz style—”a contemporary take on a baggy ‘90s silhouette”—in at least three different colours. 

Her friend Bella Hadid wears the jeans too in numerous styles, including the Titan Tuck in black, and so does Hailey Baldwin. Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner has been spotted sporting an Eytys leather jacket, and FKA Twigs wears the Michigan boots.

The answer, it seems, was right there in front of my face the whole time—no sweaty changing rooms and dusty Levi’s necessary. 

Shop Eytys jeans here.