It’s been almost a week since Meghan Markle’s due date came and went, and there’s still no news about whether the royal baby has been born.

We’re an impatient lot, us modern-day humans, and it’s pretty clear that many royal fans are just not coping with the excruciating wait for an announcement about Meghan and Harry’s child.

Royal baby frenzy reached fever pitch in Windsor overnight, where many fans are gathering to wait for news (presumably because their friends, family and co-workers suggested it, so they would go and anxiously await Baby Sussex elsewhere).

The Sun reports that the sighting of some pink blankets in a car whipped the crowd into a frenzy, with an eye-witness declaring it must mean Meghan has had a girl.

Tamoor Ali, the man who spotted the pink blanket in question, told the British newspaper:

“We had got off the M4 and a police motorbike stopped us and asked us to pull to the left. Then we saw a vehicle that had pink paraphernalia at the back of the windscreen go past – it was going very slowly over speed bumps.

“’It seemed like someone was in there who couldn’t handle speedbumps – a baby. It seems to me that the baby is here and they haven’t announced it yet.”

Ali then began chanting “Meghan’s having a baby!”

And yet, there’s been no word from Kensington Palace since a couple of days ago, when Harry cancelled a planned overseas trip for a suspiciously vague reason.

At this point, I’m so sick of waiting I don’t care anymore. Just kidding! Obviously, the living, breathing result of Meghan and Harry’s genes combined is one of the most exciting things to happen to this god-forsaken planet since Beyonce dropped Lemonade.

No pressure, Baby Sussex.