Patrick Ta loves women. He loves them so much, he has made an entire makeup line dedicated to women. Patrick Ta for HER is a celebration of not only the strong females in his life but an ode to all women, everywhere. “They provided me a comfort at a time in my life where I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin,” he explains.

By his own admission, Ta has always shared a strong connection with females. “I have always gravitated toward women. Growing up, I knew I was gay but wasn’t out to the world. Women like my mom, my sister and my best friends were the ones who allowed me to be myself. When I decided to create my beauty brand, Patrick Ta for HER, I wanted to create makeup that made women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin in the same that women make me feel. HER to me is my mom, my sister, my clients, and my best friends. They are who gave me confidence, a career and a voice. This is for HER. Xo Patrick #weloveher #thisismajor” he wrote on Instagram.

Through Instagram, we have seen glimpses of the range – gleaming, glowing and glittery – but perhaps more importantly are videos which feature the most important women in Ta’s life. There’s one with his first loyal client, Rima Minasyan – who continues to book him to this day (and even gave him his very first La Mer loose powder). There is one with Shay Mitchell, his first celebrity client and the woman he credits for launching his career. And of course, a video with his mum, “the most important woman in my life”.

Even the tagline, “Everyone Deserves To Feel Confident And Beautiful Everyday,” speaks volumes of what to expect from the range. Dropping today in the US (we’re hoping ‘Australia’ comes up as shipping option), Patrick Ta Beauty makes a makeup promise “For One,” “For All,” “For Her.” A beauty line that doesn’t discriminate, hero products include Major Glow Highlighting Mist, Major Glow Body Oil and Major Glow Lip Shine, all which give you that signature Ta glow. But the most exciting product? The Major Glow Setting Fan, “Shes Extra”. A revolutionary beauty product to set the Mist and Eyeliner, it’s the makeup tool you never knew you needed (but totally do).

“Major glow is on its way.” And we can’t wait.