The words ‘sold out’ and ‘Pat McGrath’ currently coexist with such ease, it’s annoying. With every release, and subsequent re-release, Pat McGrath Labs is a sell-out. Even those privy to boundless beauty products have struggled to secure the collection begging and all. And whilst we are only just coming to terms with its arrival in Australia, McGrath has revealed she will be releasing a permanent collection, her  ‘Unlimited Edition’, very soon. Cue the hysteria. 

Debuting September (Australian audiences think a much later date – sigh), the permanent fixture is makeup music to our ears, at last, she is here for good. Tarnished manicures and beauty black market buys be gone, the scrum is over.

From the beginning, McGrath’s intentions for the collection were forever, not fleeting. “To do a full line was always the intention,” McGrath explains. “All along, I was building it.” And we are most thankful she did. The 61 product core line will comprise some of her greatest hits, plus an all-new, shiny line up. The first visual teaser is the Mothership Eye Palettes, which will come as a trio – Subversive, Sublime, and Subliminal all with seven different finishes, and will be based on the formulas featured in Gold 001 and Dark Star 006. Subliminal is an eye shadow homage to her years in the backstage abyss of fashion week, “You’d always see that one palette on my table backstage, always open, full of neutral colours,” McGrath notes. Colours which carried her career, the very marking of her famed neutral eye. Conversely, Subversive is an aspirational palette, of the shades she wished she had over the years. The entire range is extensive, with 40 lipsticks and 12 lipstick pencils, plus five eye pencils and a mascara. A big ol’ beauty party if we ever heard.

Now, we wait. Fingers crossed, it’s not (too) long.