Whether you’re a bit of a Wolfgang Puck in the kitchen, or can barely boil a cup of noodles, cooking programs make for pleasurable viewing content. The spectrum ranges from Iron Chef to My Kitchen Rules, but 2020 has seen a new culinary master join the ranks.

Paris Hilton – heiress, singer, television star, perfume creator, DJ, and early 00s icon – has launched Cooking With Paris: a YouTube series that sees the socialite share her self-dubbed amazing cooking skills with the internet. The first recipe of the series is lasagna (or Paris’ lasagna), and chronicles Hilton walking through her “lasagna vibe” from pre-shredded mozzarella to her black fingerless cooking gloves.

She shares a few Paris pearls of wisdom along the way (like being wary of catching your hair on fire and adding 11 cracks of pepper for “good luck”), but it’s predominantly a fairly easy-to-follow tutorial. There’s store-bought lasagna sheets, cheese sauce and meat all layered up and baked to golden perfection. While the measurements err on the side of inaccuracy, the finished product certainly looks (and presumably tastes) like a lasagna.

Assisted by pet chihuahua Diamond Baby, it’s 17 minutes of pure, gastronomical humour. And the best part? Hilton confirms it will be back next week with a new installation. We already can’t wait.

Watch the video below