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Butterfly clips and crystal embellishments. Low-rise jeans and high-end cargo pants. Juicy Couture tracksuits and Von Dutch trucker caps. The more-is-more mentality of mid-2000’s has left a lasting impression on the zeitgeist. No other decade induces the perfect balance between low-key cringe and  high-octane nostalgia quite like the 2000’s, and nobody embodies the decade quite like Paris Hilton.

Today however, with a line of lucrative fragrances – the latest aptly named Gold Rush, a successful DJ career and rumours of a new fashion collection in the pipeline, Hilton’s appeal is as infectious as it is unwavering. Kendall Jenner clearly agrees too, having worn a custom-made La Bourjoisie dress to her 21st birthday earlier this month, which was a near exact-match of the Julien Macdonald dress Hilton herself wore to her own 21st birthday. While Jenner skipped the butterfly Swarovski-encrusted hair clips, the homage was confirmed via a day-after Instagram post, with the supermodel captioning her snap: “Paris Hilton vibes.” In Australia for her Gold Rush DJ tour, and to launch her new fragrance of the same name exclusively into Chemist Warehouse stores, GRAZIA caught up with Hilton to talk style, scent and how she felt about that #KendallKopy.

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What was the inspiration behind your new fragrance, Gold Rush?
The inspiration I feel like with the name Gold Rush, I just love that feeling of romance and that rush that goes through your body when you meet somebody new and it’s like that kind of first time you meet somebody and there’s just this tingle that goes through your body and it’s like a rush! So I wanted women when they put it on to have that feeling. And another thing about this perfume is it just has this scent that attracts attention right away, so yeah I’m really happy with how it all turned out. Even today I was so exhausted and so jet lagged but as soon as I sprayed Gold Rush on immediately it lifted my mood, I felt confident and I felt happy it just, its amazing what a perfume can do to you, if you have the right perfume it can really change your day.

How does Gold Rush represent an evolution of your personal style?
With all of my fragrances they always evolve with me and my life. Like my previous fragrance Siren I was dressed as mermaid and for Fairy Dust I was a Tinker-bell fairy and Heiress a little more girlie. Now with Gold Rush I really feel that it’s how I am today it’s the most sophisticated and mature and elegant of all of my fragrances that I’ve released so far. I feel like my fragrances really grow with me.

How involved were you in the process of creating the scent?
From start to finish the process takes about two months and I’m involved every step of the way. I develop the fragrance, I pick out what I want my scent to be, which is always the hardest part because I want it to be perfect and I want it to be different, and I always need it to be in something new and exciting for the fans.

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Chainmail then and now
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How did you feel when you saw Kendall Jenner vibing your 21st birthday dress at her own birthday party earlier this month?
I was actually with her at her birthday party with her in LA and we were at the restaurant and I was talking to her mum and then and then all of a sudden this gorgeous, glittering birthday girl walked in and as soon as I saw the dress I was like,
“Oh my god that is the exact same dress that I wore to my 21st Birthday that Julien Macdonald!”
And she was like “I know it’s not Julien Macdonald but I was obsessed with your dress so I sent the photos to the designer and had him basically copy your dress and I was like; “It look so good on you!”  And she was like; “Thank you I just thought it was the perfect birthday dress,” So yeah I was really flattered and I thought she looked stunning and I thought ‘It is the perfect birthday dress’ especially when you’re turning 21! So it was really nice to see her wearing that and she looked gorgeous. We had a fun talk about it. It was cute I saw on her Instagram she wrote ‘Paris Hilton vibes’ with a picture of the dress and I thought that was really sweet.ParisHiltonGoldRushParis Hilton, Gold Rush Eau de Parfum, $49. SHOP NOW

You and your sister Nicky set the tone for IT-sisters – do you have any advice to give to the new class of sister celebrities such as Kendall and Kylie, or Gigi and Bella? 
I don’t think they need any advice those girls are literally all killing it and I’ve known all four of them since they were little girls since they were babies basically so I am so proud of them I think they’re all so beautiful and so mature and they’re all just doing so well and I’m so proud of them.

I’m so about Girl Power and women empowerment and women and girls wanting to be independent and do their own thing.

Plus it’s so great to do things with your sisters so it does remind me of when my sister and I first started working together we built our brand based on “The Hilton Sisters” the whole sister thing, so now to see all of these other sisters that we grew up with doing their own thing and just killing it is amazing. 

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If you could go back and give Paris Hilton some advice at the beginning of her career, what would it be?
I think when I first started out there was nothing else like it out there with me, nobody doing reality TV and really being a pioneer in this whole new genre of celebrity so there was really no people that would have the experience to give me advice back then but if there was I wish people would have told me to not be so… I think I was very trusting and naïve and I let people into my life that didn’t really have good intentions and you really have to watch out because especially in Hollywood there’s a lot of people who don’t have good intentions and they only want to use you and so I just would have given myself advice to just to be very wary of the people that I let into my inner circle.