Defined by who we are and what we love, our passions ultimately shape us and our personalities. Whether that be finding comfort in a morning coffee, sweet treats (in moderation of course) or escaping the city for some peace and quiet, it’s our interests that support us through turbulent periods of time. And now more than ever, it’s the little things that count.

Together with Pandora, we’re celebrating your passions in life. This month, the lauded jewellery brand is immortalising our favourite things into charms, so that we may always be reminded to cherish even the small moments.

Explore the collection below.


The Caffeine Obsessed

We all know that person, or perhaps, it’s ourselves. This is the person who won’t function without a coffee. You can hear the slump of their footsteps in the morning and the distinct rumble of the coffee machine, shortly after. And at midday you know they’ll be lining up at their local café for another one.

Pandora take a Break Coffee Cup Charm, $49 AUD. SHOP NOW

The Green Thumb

Also known as the ‘plant whisperer’, this is the person who can happily spend their day in the dirt and heat if only to keep the plants happy. However, I wouldn’t take a hug from this little guy.

Pandora Free Hugs Cactus Charm, $49 AUD. SHOP NOW

The Sweet Tooth

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, the sweet tooth can be found in the kitchen baking. Cupcakes are the dessert of choice, think sticky red velvet with cream cheese frosting. You’ll be offered one, but consider seconds with caution, she can get territorial with sugar.

Pandora Pink Cupcake Charm, $59 AUD. SHOP NOW


The ‘Gram Queen

If the world is your oyster, then any occasion is a photoshoot, at least for the Instagram queen in your life (again, maybe it’s you). Equipped with the best quality camera, a quiet dinner, visit to the beach or a night out is cause for a few snaps.

Pandora Vintage Camera Charm, $59 AUD. SHOP NOW

The Dreamer

You could be on planet earth, but a million miles away. This is the person that not only dreams when they’re asleep, but dreams when they’re awake.

Pandora Spiritual Dreamcatcher Charm, $69 AUD. SHOP NOW

The Nomad

With just a suitcase and transport, the nomad is always happy. This person can’t be in one spot for too long, and goes on to search for memories over material goods.

Pandora Camper Van Charm, $49 AUD. SHOP NOW

The Animal Lover

This is the person that will stop foot traffic just to pet another’s dog; a cat-whisperer for the most fussy furry friends and saviour of all living things (even spiders). They have a good heart and are always out in nature.

Pandora Fluffy Llama Charm, $39 AUD. SHOP NOW

The Conservationist

Did you know that half of the 262 species of monkeys in the world are threatened with extinction? Of course, the conservationist already knows this. Like the animal lover, they have a passion for all creatures and the future of the planet, and are most likely to travel the globe in aid of the endangered.

Pandora Pavé Monkey Charm, $79 AUD. SHOP NOW

The Dessert Fiend

Think of her as Sweet Tooth 2.0. This person always has room for dessert no matter how large the previous meal, and will sniff out the best gelato in the city.

Pandora Pavé Ice Cream Dangle Charm, $59 AUD. SHOP NOW

The Disney Aficionado 

Their ideal road trip playlist is the Mulan soundtrack (on repeat), they can narrate the entire Toy Story script and are well-versed on the new releases. From a young age, this person was hooked and several decades later, you know they’ll be lining up first for the next Frozen film.

Pandora Disney Pixar Toy Story Alien Charm, $69 AUD. SHOP NOW

The Muso

With a constant finger on the pulse of the best new music and underground artists, you can count on the Muso as the aux cord DJ. You will hear her humming in the kitchen – or anywhere for that matter – but good luck to the neighbours when she gets the guitar and amp out.

Pandora Electric Guitar Dangle Charm, $49 AUD. SHOP NOW