The Other Art Fair returns to Sydney this week, and with it comes an influx of work from emerging and unrepresented artists from Australia and around the world. For the uninitiated, The Other Art Fair, or TOAF, takes the intimidation out of traditional art fairs by eliminating high-profile galleries and their blue chip artists from the equation and placing buyers and artists in direct contact.

It’s an immersive experience in the truest sense of the word: a labyrinthine construct of artist’s booths teeming with works of in every conceivable medium. It’s a buyer’s market too, meaning that many of the works on show are vastly more affordable than you might ordinarily anticipate from such a setting. If you’re ready to start collecting art in earnest, sage advice is readily available here. Research is key when it comes to collecting so start with the gallery above, wherein Australian Fair Director Zoe Paulson gives GRAZIA an insight in to the work of seven emerging artists exhibiting their work at this week’s edition of The Other Art Fair. Happy hunting.

The Other Art Fair will take place from March 22 – 25 at the Australian Technology Park. More information is available here.

Tile image: Clinton Gorst/Courtesy of the artist and The Other Art Fair
Cover image: Sanghee Ahn/Courtesy of the artist and The Other Art Fair