Trying to describe Ole Henriksen in words would serve him a great injustice. To capture his effervescence, his energy, his sheer passion –  for both life and skincare – is near impossible unless you meet him. Trying to describe his ‘glow’ is even harder. 

That intangible ‘Ole glow’ trails him everywhere – radiant, luminous, forever warm – and whilst it is very much physical, it is far greater than anything corporal. With this, it makes sense the biggest stars of La La land have let him touch their most prized possession – their face  – for over 40 years, for some, it’s been their longest-lasting love affair to date.

So how does one truly achieve that ‘Ole glow’? For a start, he’s bottled it up in his eponymous and beautiful skincare range, Ole Henriksen, which as of late has had a facelift (all-natural, non-invasive of course, such is the Ole way). But good skincare becomes great depending on how you use it, so whilst the all-encompassing range of potent actives and natural botanicals work their magic, Ole has a touch of his own. Here, he shares his ten glow commandments to set you on path of glorious glow-dom.

1. THOU SHALT BLEND A favourite way to enhance the cleansing experience is to three times a week blend one pump full of the Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser with a raspberry size amount of the Transforming Walnut Scrub. Blending the two products together on both palms and massage onto face. The deep cleansing and exfoliating properties of this combination is sensational.

2. THOU SHALT MIST To spice up a glamorous evenings makeup, mist your entire face with a light layer of Fountain of Truth Facial Water. You will love the dewy glow that it adds to your makeup.

3. THOU SHALT OIL I love applying my Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil on top of any moisturiser from my collection. Wait two minutes for your moisturiser to absorb and warm up one pump full of the complexion oil between both palms and pat into skin. It awakens your skin and gives it a sun-kissed glow!

4. THOU SHALT PEEL Twice a month I recommend brushing on a layer of the Instant Transformation Lemon Peel. It’s bursting with skin renewing alpha hydroxy acids. Leave it on to interact with the skin for one minute, now layer Berry Nurture Gel Mask on top for added hydration. Leave it on your skin for ten minutes. Personally, when I use this combination, I do stretching exercises while I wait to additionally rev up circulation to my face.

5. THOU SHALT ADD ICE For an instant Ole Glow put an ice cube into a cotton handkerchief and massage face for two minutes. Follow with the Truth Serum that will add additional brightness to your skin based on its multiple sources of Vitamin C. 

6. THOU SHALT SAUNA For a red-carpet night out, a favourite treatment is the Pore Balance Facial Sauna Scrub. It provides your skin with both detoxifying and re-texturising benefits created with volcanic sand from Iceland. Your skin will love both the heating and cooling properties of this formulation. It will give your skin that red-carpet glow like my celebrity clients Katy Perry and Shakira.

7. THOU SHALT START THE DAY RIGHT My own personal secret for the Ole Glow is how I start my morning. Oatmeal cooked in water mixed with a generous helping of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and raw walnuts. Not only does it taste delicious, but it’s loaded with essential nutrients that will help maintain the Ole Glow.

8. THOU SHALT DOUBLE DOSE BEFORE SLEEP A great way to put the Ole Glow on speed dial while you sleep is to first apply the Invigorating Night Transformation Gel, leave it to absorb for two minutes, and follow with Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil. Both formulations are jam packed with cell-renewing and skin brightening ingredients.

9. THOU SHALT COOL OFF Store the Uplifting Transforming Eye Gel in the fridge and apply it extra cold every night on your eyelid, brow bone, temple region, and under the eyes right before bed time. It will guarantee that you wake up with rested and youthful looking eyes all around – 360 degrees!

10. THOU SHALT DANCE Turn up the music at home and dance to your hearts content! It not only makes you feel sexy and beautiful, but it highlights your skin’s Ole Glow.

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