When one thinks of dining in winter, one instantly thinks of pasta. As the cold creeps in, we seek solace in spaghetti; a belly full of bucatini, linguine or fettuccine the seemingly sensical answer to keeping oneself warm. It’s comfort food, done the Italian way, and when topped with truffle – mamma mia! – it’s done even better.

Baby Pizza, the hip Italian eatery in Melbourne’s inner south knows this well. Purveyors of pasta, pizza and good times, they serve the discerning foodie metropolis plates of their famous Rigatoni al Ragù and Gnocchi di Patate Alla Zucca on repeat – and for a city of self-proclaimed culinary critics – their return time and time again is a telling one. So when the kitschy Italian diner brings together two of our greatest loves – pasta and truffle – naturally, our hearts (and our stomachs) sing.

This winter, Baby Pizza’s menu gets a truffle update; that rare and precious fungi gracing everything from tortelli to cotoletta for a dining experience both comforting and delicious. And the perfect accompaniment to each truffle-accented dish is the restaurant’s signature standard, an Aperol Spritz.

Those well-versed in the language of tartufo will know of its richness; a robust, pungent flavour which, at times, needs a little dialling down. Enter the bittersweet orange aperitif, the perfect thing to cut through the richness of any truffle-laden course (the age-old culinary practise of tempering fat with citrus a lesson to live by).

And when a truffled Cacio e Pepe comes served from a mighty wheel of Pecorino, trust us, you’ll need the refreshing, spirited aperitif. Perhaps it’s the residual glow of the brilliant orange elixir, or the very fact it’s synonymous with good times, but an Aperol Spritz feels the ideal accompaniment to Baby Pizza’s truffled-inspired fare.

A drink for the every season, but particularly truffle season, life is better with an Aperol Spritz and spaghetti.

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Baby Pizza
631-633 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121