Here’s a little something to help you shake off any lagging traces of the early-spring chills: these pictures of the ROXY x Courrèges Swim & Fitness capsule collection, modelled by six-times world champion surfer Steph Gilmore.

(Caveat: while they’re likely to ease winter blues, we can’t guarantee they’ll leave you happy to be sitting at your desk today. Sorry, not sorry.)

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Six-time world champion, Australian surfer Stephanie Gilmore, knows a thing or two about luxe-looking sporty swimwear (and amazing shoot locations)

The entirely white and citrus orange collection (because despite what anyone says, the right cut of white can be wildly flattering, with or without a tan) is the first collaboration between Australia’s most successful women’s active lifestyle brand and the iconic French design house widely credit (along with Mary Quant) for inventing the miniskirt in the 1960s. Prices start at $55.99 for the sports bra and range up to $129.99 for the almost transparent, super-light white track jacket.


“The materials used include light neoprene, jersey and recycled polyamide, all running and swimming pieces are protected with UV50,” says Frédéric Torloting, co-president of Courrèges, which also famously used white and citrus colours as its signature pieces in the 60s.

While one-piece shapes are set to remain the key fashion trend for swimsuits this season, we can’t go past that cute white two piece: extra bonus that (unlike most bikinis) are made to hold you in – and together – while you’re on the move. (No lost bikini tops in the shallows first time you dive under a wave – a first-world problem we’re sure Steph has been well acquainted with plenty of times over the years.)

Stephanie Gilmore in Roxy x Courreges Bikini, $89.99. SHOP NOW

The seven-piece collection – including two swimsuits plus fitness pants, skorts, top, sports bra and track jacket is now available on the Roxy website and at online retailers like The Iconic.


All images courtesy ROXY