Credit: Instagram @celebritywotnot, @instylemag

Every woman can measure the awkwardness in the room when someone provokes a man into proposing to their partner – or asks why they haven’t popped that question yet. Such was the case for Kit Harrington recently when he appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and the culprit stirrer was our very own Nicole Kidman.

Kidman flat out asked if the Games Of Thrones actor had any plans to propose to his girlfriend, fellow actor – and former GOT cast member – Rose Leslie. (Which, by the way, when you watch the below clip, tell me Harrington is not the kindest, most beautiful boyfriend to move in with!)

“Are you going to get married or…” Kidman asked Harrington after he said he was going to move in with Leslie. Harrington brushed it off awkwardly and said he was being put on the spot! “Oh wow,” he responded. 

“No, I just think it’s kinda nice if you’re gonna live together to, maybe, to at least get engaged,” Kidman continued, laughing. “I’m working hard for her here!”

“Step by step,” Harrington replied. “Step by step”

We still know nothing, Jon Snow. 

Watch the moment below.