Video courtesy of Maison Christian Dior Parfumes

What better way to ring in the new season than with fragrance? Sure, stay-at-home orders might mean less people get to experience it, but the good thing about scent is that it can be just as much about you as it is for others.

We’re not partial to any particular fragrance family per season, but most major houses do release new launches quarterly, giving us a stack of options to try year-round. Right now, a healthy dose of optimism is necessary, so we’re calling on perfumes that are bright, joyous and nostalgic — those that can transport us to another place with a single spritz.

So if you’re looking for a new fragrance, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve compiled 6 firm editor favourites right here.

Costume National Supergloss, $199. SHOP NOW

Sweet like candy, Costume National’s Supergloss is hypnotic, exciting and very seductive. Rich in juicy red fruit, woods and a hint of rose, it’s decidedly feminine and works well for anyone who loves a punchy, womanly fragrance that solicits compliments.

Hermes Twilly d’hermes Eau ginger, $105. SHOP NOW

Twilly Eau Ginger calls on soft white peony and candied ginger for a scent profile that’s sweet, zingy and bright. Cedar woods give it depth, resulting in a fragrance that’s cheeky, innocent and a whole lot of fun. Created in France by Hermes perfumer-creator Christine Nagel, Twilly Eau Ginger is what’s called a “smiling Twilly”, so where it whenever you want to solicit feelings of joy.

Maison Christian Dior Vanilla Diorama, $160. SHOP NOW

True gourmand fragrance lovers will fall hard and fast for Vanilla Diorama. The scent is actually inspired by one of Christian Dior’s favourite desserts, and calls on sweet vanilla, smoky rum, delicious cocoa and lighter citrus for a scent so alluring, it’s almost edible.

Matiere Premiere Radical Rose eau de parfum, $339. SHOP NOW

Unlike traditional rose scents, Matiere Premiere’s Radical Rose is punchy, rich and slightly woody. They key lies in spicy rose bolstered by saffron, Jamaican pepper and patchouli essence – giving the scent depth and a certain head-turning quality.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia eau de parfum, $158. SHOP NOW

Gucci have added to the Gorgeous Gardenia franchise with this eau de parfum. Fronted by Miley Cyrus, it’s a bright white floral that smells like an overgrown garden at dawn. The concentrated formula lasts forever, and you only need a tiny spritz to leave a scented cloud in your wake.

Tom Ford Soleil Brulant, $485. SHOP NOW

If you could bottle up a warm night on the Italian coastline, this wood be it. Rich in black honey, vetiver, white flowers and citrus, it’s somehow heavy and light all at once. And as with all Tom Ford scents, it wears really well on the skin.