Say the words Cruise Collection out loud and your mind most often turns to nautical stripes, wide-legged white pants and easy-chic summery dresses, but this season Karl Lagerfeld’s brought a touch of nightclub to the season.

While the official campaign shot for Chanel’s 2016/17 Cruise Collection were officially released today, styled and photographed by Mr Lagerfeld himself and starring Scottish model Stella Tennant, a long-time friend of the house, and shag-haired model of the moment Mica Arganaraz, it’s this behind the scenes video clip taken of the latter that’s filled us with wanderlust (and a newly founded acceptance of OTT bling at the beach).

Mica Arganaraz

The collection was first revealed in an epic-scale runway show that saw Lagerfeld fly 700 guests into Havana for the 25-minute #CocoCuba show held on an ornate, leafy section of Havana’s famous street, the Paseo del Prado. The VIP welcome kit alone contained a straw Chanel fedora, guide book to Havana and Chanel Sublimage sunblock.

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Argentina-born Arganaraz is an inspired choice for the campaign for more reasons than just her South American roots: she’s a rare blend of feminine and tomboy and brings with her an high-class cool factor that alludes most of today’s it-models and celeb muses. And she’s blindingly beautiful. Little wonder Lagerfeld, who has a soft spot for such attributes, has brought her into the Chanel fold.

Stella Tennant

“A deserted sun-kissed beach, the warm, salty sea air, the shaded alleys of a little southern town, and two women, alone and aloof,” the official Chanel release says to describe the whimsical tone of the full set of shoot images. “In a nonchalant ambience, the two heroines delight in their blissful liberty as as soft sensuality breezes over these colours and monochrome images.”

Take home message? Start googling Cuban holidays, and make sure you pack your Che-tribute sequinned beret. 

Stella Tennant Credit: Images and video courtesy Chanel