Credit: Instagram/Natalie Roser

On Training: “I do a lot of different things, I don’t like to stick to one type of exercise because this way my body responds better and doesn’t get used to just running or just a Pilates class. On a more relaxed day or one where I don’t want to think too hard about what I want to do, I like running on the treadmill or running outside and then I do a reformer Pilates class where I get in, get it done and tick all the boxes. On the days where I’m feeling more energised and switched on, I hit the gym and do little weight circuits and high intensity training which usually involves skipping, squats, lunges, burpees and ab work. I’ll do, like, one minute on, 20 seconds off, four times. I train five days a week. Two days a week, I will choose sleep over getting up and going to the gym.”

On one particular exercise that makes a big difference to her body: “Cardio is really good for me. Most mornings, I will get up, put on my 2XU tights and go for a three-kilometre run either outside or on the treadmill. I do fasted cardio – this means I train before I’ve had any breakfast – and I think my body responds really well to that in terms of weight loss or controlling my weight. Everybody is completely different though. I grew up running so I feel like my body is built for that, but it’s not for everyone.”

Credit: Instagram/Natalie Roser

On the 2XU Verve compression wear: “Wearing compression tights is just that little bit of help when you’re training and recovering. I feel such a difference, I’m more supported during deep squats for example – and it’s actually a bit of a workout putting them on and taking them off! I love the new Verve range. I like to stick to darker tones like blacks and greys so with this range, it’s nice to inject some colour, like the teal colour-way. The patterns are all positioned in a really flattering way so it suits the female body and makes my legs look a little longer. I know the firmness is doing really good things for my muscles!”

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On breakfast: “I am a smoothie breakfast girl. I like almond milk, frozen blueberries, banana, protein powder, chia seeds and cacao.”

On lunch: “This is usually a second breakfast for me. I’ll have eggs or something with carbs like a sweet potato or potato with leafy greens and salad. I’m usually on the run come lunchtime so you’ll see me grabbing something from Spud Bar in Melbourne which I’ve only recently discovered. If I’m home, I’ll cook up some brown rice with spinach, tomatoes and a dash of soy sauce. I keep my lunch pretty basic because I snack a fair bit throughout the day on fruit and nuts. For me, dinner’s where it’s at, that’s where I load up.”

On dinner: “I’m really enjoying these pastas that are made from chick peas. It’s delicious! I’ve been having that with a tomato base with heaps of veggies or a coconut cream sauce. I’m a vegetarian but I do try and eat vegan when the option is available. I’m a pretty big eater so I like that that makes me feel full and curbs my carb craving!”

Credit: Instagram/Natalie Roser

On the healthy meal she likes to cook for her boyfriend: “We have this alkaline curry that he really loves. I always get a kick when he enjoys something as much as I do! This recipe is a sweet potato-based coconut curry – so it’s completely alkaline which is good for our bodies and easy to digest – and it’s got snow-peas, carrot, capsicum and a dash of maple syrup in it which makes it that perfect balance of spicy and sweet. That goes down a treat.”

Credit: Instagram/Natalie Roser

On posting a good bikini shot on Instagram: “Lighting. I know that answer gets circulated a lot by Instagrammers but it’s not about necessarily being in the most light but paying attention to how the light falls on the body. My favourite type of lighting is actually when I’ve taken a photo just on my iPhone where I’m undercover with some sun bouncing into a room or standing under an umbrella at the beach while the sand makes for a really beautiful reflector and gives you a glow. Chase the light!”

On Instagram anxiety: “I am human and people’s comments can get to me. At the end of the day, I do my social media for me because I like sharing what I’m doing. I don’t look at it as work. Some girls are really good at making their feeds all flow and their colours align and well done to them, because I don’t have that kind of patience. Mine is a snapshot of my life, a highlight reel, so I don’t really get nervous that it’s not going to look that great except sometimes I can feel self-conscious about an image. I went through a stage where I was a little bit more sensitive about it but now that I’ve kind of in a good place and feeling really good about myself, those insecurities aren’t really bothering me as much.”

On staying confident in a bikini: “I feel most confident when I’m healthy. I don’t have to look my best but if I’ve been taking care of myself, I feel so much better. My skin is clearer if I’m eating well, drinking lots of water and staying off the alcohol – and I’m going to feel a lot better in my bikini even if I haven’t worked out as much. Feeling like I’m doing good things to my body is my tip because even if I don’t look at the top of my game, in that moment, I’m feeling confident about my progress.”

On why cheat nights are a necessity: “I find pizza night super enjoyable. It’s a really happy moment in life when the pizza delivery man arrives at the door! If I have a big weekend and need a detox come Monday morning, I’ll eat super clean, have my smoothie, have my light lunch, go to the gym in the afternoon and have a sauna session so I can sweat out the toxins from the weekend. I follow that up with a good night’s sleep and I’m back on track!”