Nail care is by far one of the biggest beauty category booms we’ve seen in the last 18 months. There’s been the return of the French manicure, neon hues, tiny pearls — you name it, it’s probably on Instagram. But because beauty is ever-evolving, we’re noticing a slight shift in what we’re saving + pinning: simple bold hues, minimalist art, naked nails and complementary gold accruements are on the menu.

And thankfully, brands are making it easier for us to achieve great results at home (no steady hand required). So if you want to decorate your digits, or simply give your nails some TLC, we’ve curated the best simple solutions right here.

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Inject some colour into your life with Gucci’s latest nail enamel range. The high shine shades are far-reaching, from grass green to the perfect burnt peach (Peggy Sunburn, as seen above).

Essie Treat Love & Colour Nail Strengthener, $18. SHOP NOW

If you’re recovering from gel polish or just want to boost your natural nails, this strengthening treatment from Essie is infused with collagen to prevent nail peeling and breakage. There’s a range of tints available too for a polished but natural finish.

Chanel LE GEL COAT Longwear Top Coat, $42. SHOP NOW

Seal in your hue of choice with Chanel’s gel-like top coat. It’s flexible and super shiny for a professional finish at home. Or if it’s simply a gloss you’re after, it works equally as well on its own.

Bare Hands Dry Gloss Manicure Kit, $55. SHOP NOW

Naked manicures are trending right now, perhaps in response to our collective desire to do, wear and apply less. Bare Hands is a small brand that has recognised this, and in response launched the Dry Gloss Manicure Kit consisting of a clean cuticle oil and glass nail polisher. With consistent use, the duo strengthens the nails, softens cuticles and imparts a beautiful, healthy shine.


Flowerbed nail Stickers, $15. SHOP NOW

Want to explore nail art but lack the skills necessary to execute? Flowerbed Nails is a small Australian business that creates stick-on nail decals customisable to your taste (they work equally well on painted and bare hands). The stickers themselves are super fine and flexible, so they adhere well and last the distance.

Doublemoss Arte Artist Palette Ring, $96. SHOP NOW

Instagram phenomenon Bettina Goldstein is partially responsibly for the upswing in nail art — so it only made sense she create her own product line. The Artist Palette Ring is part jewellery, part tiny disc that holds your polish while you paint. Not only is it ingenious, but also a very chic accessory. Consider us influenced.

Byredo Rose hand Cream, $72. SHOP NOW

No nail care regimen is complete without a slather of superlative hand cream. Byredo’s rose-scented lotion is creamy and rich but not tacky, so you can continue typing/texting immediately after application.