1. Festival icon (DAY 1).
It wouldn’t be Coachella without a snap in front of that ferris wheel. This outfit was custom Fame & Partners, Lucy Folk sunglasses and Dinosaur Design accessories on Day One.

2. Day Duo (DAY 2). Loved spending time with old friends Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman. These two are too much trouble, making me laugh all day long.

3. Aussie girl band (DAY 2). Models Jess Lawson, Anna Hudson and Miriam Adler joined PR girl Montana McDonald and myself for a drink (or two!). 

4. Incognito time (DAY 2). When the sun starts to set, the music gets a little louder and things get a little wilder. No more photos for me tonight, thanks! Wearing custom Fame & Partners, vintage belt and Taylor Morris shades.

5. Palm Springs, so picturesque (DAY 3).
We made our driver stop the car in the middle of the desert to capture this shot.

nadiacoachella56. Squad love (DAY 3). Coachella is quite the bonding experience, apart from the music – creating memories is what it’s all about! Thanks for the ride Tash and Dev.