Remember that FRIENDS episode where Monica bought those fabulous, but super expensive boots? Her main argument to justify their exorbitant price to Chandler (and herself) was their multi-functionality saying, “See Chandler? I’m getting a lot of use out of them already! They’re very practical. See, you can wear them with dresses, with skirts, with pants…”


Ultimately the boots were so painful that she to give up on them (“The guy who made these hates feet and wants to see them die!”) but even in 2001, Monica had a timeless point. However isn’t it so much easier to play the multi-functional card with fashion than beauty where aside from the odd lip and cheek colour or an SPF-spiked something most products still serve one primary purpose properly.

That’s why the latest buzzed-about, set-for-cult-status products are equally effective as they are multi-functional, each ticking off several boxes in one little bottle.

Lancome, Juicy Shakers, $34 each. SHOP NOW

Up first, the highly anticipated reboot of the much-beloved Juicy Tube lip-gloss from Lancome. The next-gen set of Juicy Shakers combine that priceless nostalgia with a very modern cushion application and lip oil formula. The bi-phase lip formula is loaded with hydrating oils that take the place of a hard-core lip balm, while the mistake -poof tint can be layered from a sheer hit of colour and shine to a statement lip that lasts.

La Prairie, Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Transforming Cream spf 30, $240. SHOP NOW

Next, La Prairie has apparently plucked ideas from every woman’s wish list when creating the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Transforming Cream spf 30. Ok yes, there have been many other moisturiser, coverage and sunscreen hybrids, but more often than not one of the three pillars doesn’t live up to it’s promise of truly replacing an individual product. Perhaps the SPF isn’t high enough or the coverage doesn’t cut it or you still need to wear a moisturiser for all-day hydration.

That’s where the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Transforming Cream spf 30 truly does live up to it’s lofty label. At its base is the brand’s famed Swiss Ice Crystal technology for next-level hydration that often only comes from a luxe moisturiser, while the seriously melts-into-your skin coverage adjusts to suit different skin tones and can be built up to totally conceal redness. On top of that you have a quality SPF 30 for protection against the elements.


Finally for the eyes, Rimmel’s new Wonder’full Volume Colourist Mascara works double time to dose your lashes with definition. Boasting the brand’s much-loved volumising, full-flutter effect formula, it’s the hidden colourant that tints natural lashes darker each time you wear it that makes it a multi-tasking champion. Particularly great for anyone with fair hair who finds the contrast between their natural lashes and dark mascara jarring, this gradual tint will bring the roots of your lashes down a darker notch, for a fuller flutter after a few wears.