Last week, I listened to Judith Durham and The Seekers’ I Am Australian. I hadn’t heard the song – arguably Australia’s unofficial anthem – for years, and it moved me, stirring a sense of nationalism I hadn’t felt in years. Those first few bars lashed my soul with both nostalgia and pride. It instilled in me this burning desire to rekindle a connection with Australia across all realms, including that of my own world: beauty. We are the lucky country, after all, so why not revel in our fertile riches, even when it comes to beauty? Why not look to the those “dusty red-soil plains”, those “rocky shores”, “this great land” when it comes looking after our skin, too?

While K-Beauty and J-Beauty has commanded the beauty spotlight with their 10-step skincare routines, snail mucus and masks, there is a change brewing. A soft, simple change from our very own shores. A-Beauty, or Australian Beauty, is taking the global stage. As we see a shift in the beauty Zeitgeist, we’re beginning to turn our backs on overcomplicated, fussy beauty, now seeking a simpler beauty life; sifting through crowded beauty cupboards and streamlining beauty regimes in an effort to be conscious, constructive consumers of beauty. Call it the Kondo-effect, but this desire for the simple life has spawned a global desire for Australian Beauty. And one such example is MERE, a natural skincare brand changing the international beauty landscape.

A changing of the guard, MERE is the future of natural beauty, with Australia’s bucolic and marine wonders at its core. An intelligent ecosystem of high-performance products, activated by the power of nature, delivered by advanced skin science and as addictive as they are effective, MERE was born in the pursuit of functional clean products that above all else, work. Simple yet effective formulas deliver deep hydration, powerful regeneration and protection for youthful, radiant, healthy skin.

But the true power of A-Beauty, and namely MERE, lies in its down-to-earth ingredients (quite literally). Harnessing the power of some of Australia’s most supercharged native botanicals, and utilising skin science to deliver real results, each product is a little slice of sensorial heaven, and unlike K and J, is beautifully unfussy and pared-back.

It all comes down to a simple 3-step routine; morning, daytime, nighttime. Easy, right?

To start the morning feeling fresh alive (and to dissolve away makeup and build-up from the day night before), the Pore Refining Cleansing Gel / Cleanse + Purify Perfect flushes out any impurities.

During the day, the Priming Face Moisturiser / Prime + Protect will keep you primed, hydrated and leave you with the perfect canvas for any makeup application, or beautifully plump should you wish to go foundation-free.

Then at night, the Recharge Sleep Mask / Restore + Repair gives new meaning to “beauty sleep”, a water-gel mask that penetrates deep to recharge fatigued skin overnight.

Basically, MERE takes the guesswork out of skincare with an eco-conscious sensibility and true blue heart and soul.

After all, I am, you are, we are Australian, so why not support and celebrate it.

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