Mother’s are pretty much the closest thing we have to angels on Earth. That’s why Mother’s Day, despite its commercial tendencies, it’s really nice to give your mum/mother-in-law/step mum/mother-like figure something truly special. And that’s where beauty often shines. Sure, some of us use it in a functional sense but for the most part, it’s a luxury – a special way to bookend a busy day or show yourself some love. So with Mother’s Day on the very near horizon, we’ve compiled some of the best beauty gifting options out there, from fragrance to super-luxe skincare (and everything in between).
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There is something so soft and feminine about this Gucci scent that makes it ideal for gifting. With notes of rose, osmanthus and woods, it’s memorable without being overbearing – the type of fragrance that lingers on the skin for hours. My mum loves beautiful classic florals with a twist, so I’ll be sure to wrap this one up for her. And I’m big on buying gifts I’ll also get use out of, hence why a little Gucci is the perfect choice.”  – Emily Algar, Contributing Editor
Rose Hermes Rosy lip enhancer, $100. shop now
“A luxurious lip product is always a stellar gift, and it doesn’t really get much chicer than Hermes. This just-launched Rosy Lip Enhancer is a great option because it’s subtle and easy to wear, so works across skin tones and skill sets. Plus, the refillable packaging is an absolute delight to open. Both my mum and mum-in-law would love to receive this (and to be honest, so would I).” – Emily Algar, Contributing Editor
BYREDO Rose Hand Wash, $68. shop now
“There is something so indulgent about a high stakes version of an otherwise boring household item, like hand soap. It turns a mundane ritual into something special and this is especially true of hand washing during the pandemic. Byredo’s Rose Hand Wash is slightly foamy and carries the most beautiful soft floral redolence. Guaranteed to score me brownie points with mum.” – Emily Algar, Contributing Editor
“Yes, this eye cream costs more than most skincare routines in their entirety, but can you really put a price on a mother’s love? In the case of my mama, you can (and it’s $840). This eye cream in particular contains Lumidose, a molecule that prevents melanin breakthrough (the cause of pigmentation) and golden caviar extract, resulting in a smooth, bright, illuminated under-eye area. The pearl applicator is an added touch of luxury, as well.” – Emily Algar, Contributing Editor
Lancome Confort Crème Mains Hand Cream, $35. shop now
“If you’re looking for a chic gift on a budget, a designer hand cream is always up there. This one from Lancome is really nourishing and softening, thanks to the inclusion of rose water, shea butter and acacia honey. There’s also a little bit of salicylic acid in there to enhance penetration and nix flakiness. My mum actually flies around the country for work, so complains about her perpetually dry hands often. So I’m sure she’ll be overjoyed to open this come Mother’s Day.” – Emily Algar, Contributing Editor
AMOUAGE Crimson Rocks, $459. shop now
“My step-mum is really picky when it comes to scent. She likes expensive florals and not much else. But I feel confident gifting her this stunning olfactive offering from Amouage, not just for the fragrance (think pink pepper, cinnamon, rose and vetiver) but for the stunning vessel as well. The weighty fuchsia bottle and solid raspberry cap are a designer fragrance dream.” – Emily Algar, Contributing Editor
Capture Totale Super Potent Rich Creme, $175. shop now
“They say miracles don’t happen overnight. That is of course true unless you own a little pot of this velvety magic. Containing longoza flower from the Dior gardens, the Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Rich Crème is quite literally luxury in a jar. As a close sister to the Capture Totale Super Potent Serum, it battles dryness and intensely nourishes the skin while you sleep. Featuring a soft scent and non-greasy finish, be careful, you’ll want to steal it back from Mum.” – Rebekah Clark, Features Writer


Dreams EDP Mother’s Day Set, $155. shop now

“Scent layering is such an opulent gifting option, because who has time for it in real life? Mums or mum figures will love this cute gift set from Coach. The fragrance itself is Coach Dreams, a sweet floral with notes of bitter orange, gardenia and cactus flower. You can layer up the lotion and eau de parfum for a long-lasting result, or pick and mix for something subdued. If you’ve left things too late, think of this as a great last minute offering that doesn’t compromise on luxury.” – Emily Algar, Contributing Editor


“Over the years, my mum’s humble approach to beauty has switched gears, and she now prefers skincare of the Chanel variety (and really, who can blame her). This Mother’s Day, I’m going to really take things up a notch and gift her the Sublimage Redefining Concentrate. It’s a superlative blend of plant botanicals, including the Solidago plant, to really nourish, firm and tighten the skin. The fact it feels like liquid cashmere and has a soft but luxurious scent is an added bonus, too.” – Emily Algar, Contributing Editor

Tom Ford Rose Prick Candle, $195. shop now

“When I first inhaled Tom Ford’s evocative Rose Prick fragrance, it struck me how much of a crowd-pleaser rose scents can be (when done right). This one isn’t dated or powdery in the slightest, with a sexy twist that somewhat sneaks up on you a few moments after you breathe it in. Now available in candle form, it’s the perfect choice to burn of a cosy winter evening and if my mum isn’t careful, I’ll happily add another to my own collection.” Kate Lancaster, Contributing Beauty Editor