You can tell a lot about a woman by what she chooses to wrap around her wrist on a daily basis. A classic designer watch and she’s elegant. Chunky leather cuff and she’s a style rebel. Latest smart tech device and she’s sporty and/or tapped into the times.

What you’re looking at here is the dream mash-up of all three scenarios: the new edition Apple Watch Series 3 partnered with the latest Hermès leather band, making it just as lust-have as a chunky Collier de Chien cuff bracelet, but infinitely handier (wrist pun totally intended).

Tapping into the motor racing trend currently dominating the fashion world, the band has been designed to mirror a classic Hermès leather driving glove. Its stainless steel clasp made to look like a saddle buckle, on the other hand, hints at the French brand’s equestrian roots.

Alluring as looks may be though, it’s the tech element of this wrist candy that brings the wow-factor. So what’s the difference between this shiny new Series 3 Apple Watch – easily spotted by the new red dot on its crown – and the two previous incarnations?

In a nutshell, version 3.0 can connect to your existing mobile phone’s service, meaning you can make or take calls or texts from your watch, even if your smartphone’s literally half the world away.

Ditto for sending, receiving emails sans telephone, or streaming your Apple Music account if, say, you’re out running or at the gym and don’t want to carry your handset. And yes, it tracks your heart rate too, should you want it to. Essentially, it’s a waterproof mini-phone and fitness monitor you carry on your wrist… with Apple Pay capabilities. Window shopping, even without your handbag, has never been so dangerous.

Just layer with your favourite Hermes Clic-H bracelet and you’re ready for any rally(e) line-up.

Apple Watch, Silver Aluminium Case Series 3 watch with GPS + Cellular, $559. SHOP NOW
Apple Watch, Hermès Single Tour Rallye band in Blanc, $639.