Garish, Kitschy and always impactful, Jeremy Scott has paid tribute to Barbie, My Little Pony, The Simpsons, SpongeBob Square Pants, Mickey Mouse, McDonalds and The Price Is Right in seasons past. Yes, the avant-garde American designer loves a 90s throwback as much as we loved Naomi Campbell and a Doc Martin. Now, he’s sending up another decades-old pop culture obsession: The Sims.

Remember easier times when you could cheat-sheet your way to affordable housing, one where you could buy that expensive washing machine, in cash. You could design your perfect partner and with a few successive kisses make a baby. You didn’t age, never lost or gained any weight and truly had the best time changing the wallpaper. This popular life-simulation video game, The Sims, was what filled a lot of 90s kids’ after-school hours – and Scott has immortalised it with Moschino’s latest ready-to-wear capsule collection, in all it’s pixelated glory. (That was of course how we all played video games back in the day – on a computer screen which weighed the same as a small child and had the resolution of a tamogotchi).

“I love the idea of being able to imagine, design and bring to life a world of individual personas with The Sims universe,” said Jeremy Scott, Creative Director of Moschino. “That concept emulates what I get to do for each collection at Moschino as I create a fantasy universe of spectacular storylines and characters.”

The line includes a Plumbob bathing suit, a Freezer Bunny cell phone cover and Uni-Lama T-Shirt.

Moschino X The Sims will be available at Moschino boutiques worldwide and on on April 14.

All together now: CTRL+SHIFT+C.