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It has been entitled “The Next Chapter”, forming part of the new creative and business movement, Moncler Genius. Involving a curated group of fashion visionaries devoted to several interpretations of the luxury Italian brand, a continuous flow of designers have each released a line of collaborative pieces and all form the new DNA of Moncler. Disrupting the twice-yearly format of runway presentations, Noir designer Kei Ninomiya harbours the sixth collection ushering in a new and unique aesthetic.

After four year as a patterner at Comme Des Garçons, the Japanese designer has transferred the vanguard and pioneering style cues of the fashion house to his own label, Noir. Relying on repetition, modularity and geometric abstraction as creative tools, complex construction has translated into surprisingly easy to wear pieces and boast intricate detail and bold silhouettes. As the term “noir” insinuates, the collection is dark and industrialist but lends a romantic femininity through floral motifs. Futuristic nylons, dolmias, laqué nylon and leather are meticulously constructed with miniature metal rings: an industrial-looking technique made possible by sophisticated, couture-like workmanship.

Applied to a line of blousons, skirts, dresses, parkas and jumpers, design cues also include chain, providing a punchy contrast to the all-black looks, while ultrasonic logos create new textures on both wearable items and small bags. Through an innate attention to key detail throughout the entire sixth collection, it serves as another illustration of the innovative vision of Moncler Genius both in technology and progressive design. Additionally, working solely with the medium of video, each designer chose a personal take on the visual narrative. For Ninomiya, his pieces were translated into a computerised reconstruction of a 3D virtual garment model.

“Moncler Genius is a challenge of innovation, and a progressive project in every respect. It allowed me the
opportunity to develop new techniques of down. Progress always stems from the way things are made”, says Kei Ninomiya.

Moncler Noir is now available in the Moncler Chadstone boutique.