The androgynous look is a fashion favourite this season, with an endless supply of pantsuits, boxy silhouettes and oversized outfits being spotted on the streets and fashion week runways.

The spectrum of gender has been a hot topic around the world recently and has been helping more people to understand and embrace the look with (mostly) open arms. It’s only fitting that Miley Cyrus, a long-time advocate for the gender-neutral style, has been gifted the opportunity to share her own debut collection.

Miley Cyrus captured in her signature pose and glitter-rimmed low-top shoes from her Converse collab
Credit: Supplied

Cyrus is known for being somewhat of a fashion chameleon, sporting both feminine and masculine looks on the daily. Her experience and understanding of androgyny is why this line has ticked all the right boxes and nailed the diverse aesthetic.

Converse has joined forces with the quirky celebrity to bring this inclusive shoe line to life, and part of what makes the line so unique is the that the individuality of its wearers was at the forefront of the design process. “Converse has no boundaries, it’s outspoken,” Cyrus said in an interview.

“I’ve always identified with Converse because the brand appeals and represents so many different cultures and walks of life. And, they’re accessible.”

The singer’s infused her gender-fluid sense of self and style into the shoes designing them to embody her open-minded attitude and individuality. There are options available for almost every outfit and mood which only further contributes to the inclusive nature of this collaboration.

Cyrus wearing the black, patterned high-tops from her Miley X Converse collection
Credit: Supplied

Most likely a nod to her adorable childhood nickname Smiley Miley, each shoe in the line is embellished with a smiling cartoon-mouse, initialled MC. You can also expect to see glitter-coated rims, gothic platforms, and intricate neutral patterns when you shop the collection online.

Whether you’re a pastel lover or prefer a classic black, this star-studded collaboration’s got you covered.