Mascara recommendations on the internet are in no short supply, but when you’ve got Michelle Obama and thousands of Mecca customers fangirling over one in particular, attention must be paid.

The former first lady attended the Essence Fest in New Orleans a few days ago with a new set of caramel highlights and peachy, glowing skin. It was her lashes though that significantly increased our heart rate. Thankfully, her makeup artist Carl Ray told Into The Gloss that the magic product was Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

A quick scroll through retailer Mecca proves that Obama isn’t the only Better Than Sex devotee. It’s also got about 2000 five-star reviews on the website, with the phrase, “best mascara I’ve ever used” thrown around in the comments section like confetti.

The mascara formula itself is inky black and spiked with collagen, so it’s light and flexible to wear. But the real drawcard is the hourglass-shaped brush that is soft enough to deposit a lot of product, but rigid enough to comb and define every lash. The final result strikes the perfect balance between fullness and length, and errs on the side of drama, so bare-lash enthusiasts need not apply.

As far as Mecca goes, it’s actually the top-rated makeup product on the sight, so consider purchase a smart, Obama-endorsed investment.

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Tile credit: Instagram, toofaced