ATLANTA, GEORGIA – SEPTEMBER 19: Megan Thee Stallion performs on day 2 of Music Midtown at Piedmont Park on September 19, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Legato/WireImage)

Megan Thee Stallion is famed for her intricate nail art, but her latest efforts might just be her most inspired yet. As the rapper revealed on Instagram, her most recent manicure was created to resemble thermal heat imaging – that’s right, the technique that medical experts use to determine your body temperature. An unexpected choice for the Savage singer’s performance in Atlanta, but fascinating nonetheless.

With a bright blue base, the thermal camera aesthetic was faked by Thee Stallion’s long-time nail artist, Coca Michelle, who also decorates the digits of fellow nail queens, Cardi B, Christina Aguilera and Rosalía. Michelle painted fine green swirls over the top of the cobalt base to create curved shapes. She then linked the inside of the shapes with yellow, before finishing the thermal design by placing a blob of red colour in the middle of each shape.

Michelle and Thee Stallion have been collaborating on show-stopping nail designs for some time, with the Houston rapper documenting her penchant for OTT talons on her Instagram page. She favours extra long, claw-like shapes with varying designs, having rocked everything from diamanté-detailed nails, to anime etchings, all the way through to lipstick nails for Thee Stallion’s Rolling Stone cover.

While Thee Stallion might switch up her nails with dizzying regularity, Michelle says that she appreciates the Thot Shit singer’s dedication to nails as an art form. “I just love when people stay true to their authentic look while also evolving over time,” she said in a recent interview. “With Megan, she always been super creative, and [I love] being able to be a part of her team and help step it up, create new levels.”

One might wonder what could be left to create after a set of thermal camera-inspired nails, but this is one imaginative duo we’re willing to bet on.

We can’t wait to see what Thee Stallion and Michelle dream up next!