‘Meet You There’, Cardi B’s first collection with Reebok has landed.

It comes following the announcement of her partnership with the apparel giant last November, with the new collection of streetwear and athletic wear the first of their exciting collaboration.

A curated collection of apparel that intersects street style and workout wear, it is driven by creativity and expression and features bold graphics and bright colours which allows the individual to express their personal style. 

Accented with hues of blue and green, the musician poses around The Bronx in punchy crop tops, bike shorts and anoraks in the campaign video. Vocal about her unapologetic swagger, Carbi B explains how The Bronx shaped her and her beliefs of always staying true to yourself.

Hero pieces include the logo sports bra Cardi B wears in her campaign and the matching biker short with similar detailing.

The Meet You There collection is now available at Reebok.com.au