For most of us, there is only one Big. We spent almost a decade watching one of the greatest, modern love stories unfurl, our collective hearts breaking, mending, then breaking again all over (Big, we haven’t forgotten the altar fiasco).

But, there’s a new Big in town, and just like the Big of old, he’s tall, dark and handsome. This time however, he’s French. Meet Monsieur Big, the latest mascara from Lancôme, ready to set hearts (and lashes) aflutter.

The full package, Lancôme’s Monsieur Big Mascara is for the bold and brave, who take their size in XXL. As Monsieur notes:

“Outrageousness and elegance are written in my DNA. Which is hardly surprising; after all, I was born to sculpt XXL lashes…”
Gusty and full of game, Monsieur is for excess of the highest order. But, as he remarks, “It’s hard to appreciate without trying me…To understand me, you have to wear me.”

So what’s he like to wear? Big, of course. The wand is huge; boasting thick, long fibres as oppose to his delicate counterparts (no itsy-bitsy brushes here). Wavy and loaded liberally with product – a jet-black carbon formula intensified by light-catching pigments – it’s thick and goopy – so much so, that when the wand pops out it sounds like he’s giving you a big smooch (a lothario, even from first meeting).

Even with the first coat, lashes are instantly bushier and bulked-up. Upon second and third application, they become chunky, inky and super pronounced. With some wiggle wiggle action, the result is spidery and almost clumpy – but in a good, look-at-me-yes-my-lashes-are-real kind of way. And for a lash meter set to extreme, fallout is surprisingly minimal. Note: this is not for beauty wallflowers, those with a penchant for the soft and subtle steer clear. This is for the power players, those who seek hard-core, souped-up, Twiggy-esque lashes.

But ladies, be warned; he may already be taken. American dream girl (and Lancôme Ambassadress) Taylor Hill has already struck the fancy of Monsieur Big, “Since Lancôme introduced us, we’ve barely been apart”, he told GRAZIA.

But alas, like any Hollywood love story, theirs is a romance soon to be shattered by scandal, and he will back on the market before you know it (July 30, to be exact).

Monsieur Big will be available at Mecca, Sephora and online from July 30 for $47 (don’t tell him, he’s sensitive).