The University of Technology, or UTS, has long been a breeding ground of unbridled creativity. Its esteemed Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles is an internationally recognised degree that gives students the start they need to pursue careers across all facets of the international fashion industry. From conceptual knowledge to practical garment-making skills, all parts of the fashion journey are addressed within the course, a course that has birthed some of the brightest design prospects in the world, with leading international designers such as Alexander McQueen, Kenzo, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Helmut Lang employing UTS graduates.

Years of study culminate in a final, end-of-year show, which illustrates the compelling, creative and novel work the UTS students have worked on tirelessly throughout the year.

This year, a collaborative, whimsy-charged editorial entitled, “Fairy Tale on a Fire Island”, showcases the country’s emerging talent from 2019 and gets us excited for the future of fashion.

Emma Byrnes
“Assembling ideas of Imperfect, innovative construction techniques and repurposed materials, off-Grid captures the essence of a life lived gently.”

Entire look: Emma Byrnes, @__emmabyrnes__

Matrilinieal inspired by the female free diving groups and their connection to the ocean- The Japanese Ama and The Korean Haenyeo. The knowledge and practices of these groups is passed down matrilineally within a family, and I have created this collection with this idea in mind, as a sort of time capsule of many generations of divers.”

Weave Top: Eliska, @eliska.marczan.label
Pants & Top: Tegan Leigh, @tegan_leigh

Julliette Williams
Dream&Distored is a study into transparency, layering and lace is inspired by the alternative and shoegaze music of the early 90’s. I am exploring the different hand technique of pin tucking, ruching, crochet, hand and machine knitting and natural dye, portrayed as Music, multi- textured and layered.”

Hae Sun Kim 
“[The collection is] an homage to my grandmother: my collection tells the story of her youth in South Korea to establishing herself and our family legacy in Australia incorporated through latex – the materiality inspired by rubber gloves used in her kimchi factory.”

Blazer: Juliette Williams, @juliettewilliamsdesing
Latex Dress, socks & Shoes: Haesun Kim, @haesun__kim

Tegan Leigh
“The Colour, Sparkles and fun of club Studio 54, interpreted into the 1980s working women’s closet. Driven by my love of textiles and colour, my collections aims to provoke playfulness and sophistication.”

Shirt: Tegan Leigh, @tegan_leigh
Skirt: Eliska, @eliska.marczan.label

Ethan Cathie

Entire look: Ethan Cathie, @ethan.cathie

Photographer: Yan Martea
hairstylist: Johny Hynes hair using oribe Australia 
Model: Allison thompson from Chadwick’s