Who is your best friend? Definitely my daughter, Scout. She provides me with so much entertainment and has also been a little mentor in ways, she’s taught me to see all the potential in life and the importance of patience.

Can you tell us something that would surprise us about you? I have a soft spot for avocado mousse, I love classic playwrights, doing ’80s aerobics dance classes and I sometimes walk down the street in my pyjamas.

WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST WHEN TRAVELLING? My family, my mum, sister Clara and Scout.

WHAT’S YOUR TYPE? I’m really drawn to people who are down-to-earth, optimistic and grounded. 

Best pick up line you’ve ever heard? I’ve actually never heard a pick-up line. I think they are hilarious but have never had the pleasure of being approached with one.

What’s the most fun job you’ve ever done? I’m really honoured to be working with Berlei for The Sensation Bra campaign. Berlei is such an iconic Australian brand that really supports women, plus the bra is genuinely the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.

What’s the most terrifying job you’ve ever done? Relocating from Australia to America for my role in Magic City was extremely exciting but also terrifying. I was also pregnant when I moved to Miami for the show which made it a bit harder as I wasn’t around all my family or friends.

What’s your biggest extravagance? A sleep-in is probably the biggest indulgence for me at the moment.

What’s your biggest regret? I try not to have regrets but instead just make sure that I learn something from every experience – even if sometimes it’s just about learning not to make the same mistake twice.

What do you remember about your first ever audition? Auditions are always a blur of nerves and excitement. I actually had my first go at casting [other actors] for The Wrong Girl recently so it’s interesting to see the process now from the other side.

What’s the biggest misconception of you? Maybe that I don’t still get nervous ahead of a performance or that I work out every day (which I certainly don’t). 

What would you be doing now if you weren’t acting? I really love music and thought about becoming a DJ at one stage. Maybe if I leave acting I might go and work at JB Hi-Fi.

What’s your dream work gig? I think like any actor, I’m really glad just to be in the position to be working. Most actors, I think, live in fear that every role might be their last (well, maybe not Meryl Streep) but I am considerate of the roles I take and those I don’t. I like to feel connected to my characters but still be challenged with something new in each role.

What form of media (social or otherwise) obsesses you? Between interviews or filming my phone is always close, but most filming days are so hectic that just getting a chance to read a newspaper is a real luxury.

What from your past would you like to delete from the internet? I’m sure there are probably some poor fashion decisions from the past or something out there, but the older I’ve gotten the more I’ve come to just feel comfortable in who I am and not worry as much about what people might be saying.

CAN YOU TELL US A SECRET? A women never tells.

What could you not live without? Aside from my daughter and family of course: True Solutions Tinted Moisturiser with SPF, my Berlei Sensation Bra and people in my life who are there to tell me when I have things stuck in my teeth.

What’s been your biggest life lesson? Loving yourself is so important, when you achieve this you’ll be capable of fully loving someone else.