What’s top of your fashion wish-list for 2019? A Jacquemus bag and a beautiful new Max Mara coat for winter.

What’s your best selfie tip? Don’t try too hard. I find that my favourite pictures are the ones where I am having happy, having fun and enjoying the moment and it only takes one snap.

What’s your dream future work gig? Launching my own label.

Rozalia with her family, including husband Nick Russian .(Credit: Instagram @rozalia_russian)

What’s the biggest myth about the life of a fashion influencer? That because we may not have a typical nine-to-five workday, we don’t really work. When you work for yourself you have no set hours. I don’t clock off at the end of the day and leave my work behind until I come back into the next morning. I get most of my emails done after I put my kids to bed and will often still be up working until midnight setting my alarm to head to the airport at 5am or to an early morning shoot. Every day is extremely different.

What’s your favourite fashion look on a guy? A black suit, dinner shirt with black buttons and a black Tom Ford bow tie.

(Credit: Instagram @rozalia_russian)

What has been your biggest fashion extravagance? My Jaton wedding gown.

Can you tell us something you couldn’t live without? My family and friends, and a little me-time. I love treating myself to a facial – it is an hour where I can relax and have a moment to myself. I think it’s so important for everyone to have some time to themselves.

Which shoe style best sums you up? A Christian Louboutin 12-inch So Kate sandal.

Christian Louboutin, So Kate 120 glitter leather pumps, $1250 at Matchesfashion.com.

What’s the biggest misconception about you? I’m not sure but everyone who meets me says that I look exactly the same in person as I do in my pictures, and also that they didn’t know I was funny.

Can you tell us something that would surprise us about you? I don’t know how to ride a bike.

Can you remember the last time you lost your temper? Yesterday when I was at a clothing store trying to find an outfit for an event I have coming up. I was with my two kids and like all mums in change rooms around the world, they were arguing over their toys loud enough for the people sitting at the cafe next door to hear.

What’s the most fun thing you’ve ever done? Surprising my best girlfriend for her 30th birthday in Hong Kong.

Russian, shown here wearing Forever New, is the face of the brand’s polo campaign. (Credit: Supplied)

Do you have a hot style tip for anyone attending the Portsea Polo this weekend? Dress for the surrounding location and know the choice of fabric you wear is important. The event is in the middle of summer so I’d avoid anything too heavy such as leather, velvet or wool and opt for linen or lace, which is what I’ll be wearing thanks to Forever New. Shoes are equally as important. You will be on grass all day so make sure you have a thick block heel or a wedge.

What’s been your biggest life lesson so far? When my mother used to tell me ‘just you wait until you have kids’. Well, it all makes sense now and I appreciate my mum even more. Being a mum has taught me so many amazing things, including how important it is to be patient.

Rozalia Russian is the face of Forever New Polo and will be at the Portsea Polo 2019. Follow her on Instagram here.

Russian is the face of Forever New Polo. (Credit: Supplied)