New Zealand-born model  Georgia Fowler is no stranger to a good selfie. The now US-based model’s 144k-strong Instagram account is full of them, along with behind-the-scenes snaps at shoots and intimate photos of social events with her model/celeb friends. Having visited Australia following a busy fashion week season to appear as guest of honour at the Moet & Chandon Spring Champion Stakes Day, Fowler, who is also Kookai’s Cruise collection ambassador, was ready and willing to answer some snap candid questions and capture a unique selfie just for us.

Who is your best friend? I couldn’t pick one.

What’s the most terrifying job you’ve ever done? That would be when I had to ride a stallion bareback. I say it was a stallion because he wanted to buck me off the entire time.  

What’s your type? Type of coffee, type of clothing, or type of man? If it’s the latter, I honestly haven’t worked that out myself yet.

WHAT’S YOUR BEST SELFIE TIP? Morning or dusk light and a long arm.

What’s your best long-haul travel hack? Always travel with a neck pillow and bring your own big water bottles. Also, smother your face with the most expensive creams in duty free pre-flight (ha!).

Credit: Instagram @georgiafowler

What’s the biggest misconception about you? I hope people see me in the best possible light, but for those that don’t know me, don’t judge. The stereotypical model traits are so untrue. Most of my girlfriends that are models do eat, are intelligent and are not remotely vain.

WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST WHEN TRAVELLING? My baby niece. It’s so hard to be away seeing her growing up so fast.

WHAT’S THE MOST FUN JOB YOU’VE EVER DONE? The jobs that are the most fun are location shoots with teams I know well so it really feels like a holiday.

WHO OWES YOU AN APOLOGY? Anyone who says I can’t.

WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST EXTRAVAGANCE? I’m a sucker for shoes and homewares.

WHEN’S THE LAST TIME YOU WERE SHOCKED? I was shocked in a good way when I confirmed and walked in the Miu Miu SS17 show [at Paris Fashion Week] earlier this month.

Fowler walking in the Miu Miu SS17 runway show

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FIRST CASTING? My first casting landed my first job for Hey Sister Lingerie in New Zealand.

Best pick up line you’ve ever heard? Are any pick-up lines ever good? 

WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING NOW IF YOU WEREN’T A MODEL? Probably an engineer. I loved physics and maths, but who knows…

What’s your biggest regret? I try not to regret anything, there is no way to turn back time so there’s no point moping about the ‘could’ve been’, just do your best and trust your instincts in the present. 

When’s the last time you lost your temper? I can’t remember. I’m pretty chilled.

What could you not live without? Family. And I wouldn’t want to live without coffee or chocolate either.

What from your past would you like to delete from the internet? There will always be a malicious reporter out there looking for a story about something, if one article or image was deleted I’m sure someone else would find something else to talk about.

What’s been your biggest life lesson? To live in the now, love with your whole heart, and never give up. 

Georgia Fowler is ambassador for the Sydney Spring Racing Carnival.