Selfie: courtesy Mimi Elashiry. Ballet image: Instagram @mimielashiry

Who is your best friend? My best friend is my lover too: Adin Taylor.

What’s your biggest extravagance? Costumes for festivals. Recently, my friend and I played dress-ups to work out outfits for a festival and I realised 80 per cent of my wardrobe are costumes and crazy glittery wings, skirts and scarfs kaftans. No wonder I find it hard to get dressed in the morning.

Best pick up line you’ve ever heard? There aren’t any. I’ve never heard a good one.

Who do you miss the most when travelling? My puppy Chacha. He’s 11 years old. 

What from your past would you like to delete from the internet? All the pictures of me drinking non-alcoholic soda water and lime in clubs so it looks like I’m drinking. (So many – ha!) 

What’s your type? Skinny blonde boys with tattoos.

What do you remember about your first ever audition? It was for The Lion King. I got through all the dancing rounds and then they realised I was a terrible singer. 

What’s the most terrifying job you’ve ever done? I had to take photos for Tropical North Queensland and one of the activities we shot was bungee jumping. We also went skydiving, but I LOVE skydiving because you have no choice, the guy on your back pushes you out the plane. But bungee jumping you have to jump yourself – scariest thing ever. I’ll never do it again.

What’s the biggest misconception of you? That I am vegan, because I am not! I just am a die-hard organic-only machine.

Who owes you an apology? Every cafe that is stingy with sides of avocado. 

Elashiry wearing pieces from the new Pandora Rose collection
Credit: courtesy Pandora

What would you be doing now if you weren’t modelling? Dancing! I’m actually a classically trained ballet dancer and I had always wanted to become a prima ballerina in a New York dance company, but I injured myself when I was younger which cut my career short. I’m so happy that Pandora has given me the opportunity to combine modelling and ballet in their latest campaign. [Elashiry, who is face of the Pandora Rose collection, recently presented a solo ballet performance on the top of a life-size jewellery box in the centre of Sydney’s CBD.]

What’s your dream gig? To be Kanye West’s backup dancer 

When’s the last time you lost your temper? Last night at my mum. We were debating over where to place diamantes on the costume for the Pandora launch event.

What could you not live without? My jewellery box. I’m a jewellery hoarding fiend, I have so many pieces that are super sentimental, and pieces that allow me to express my own style. I love choosing jewellery to suit my mood and outfit. I especially like mixing metals, so now I layer my Pandora Rose pieces with my gold and silver and wear a bit of everything at once. 

What form of media obsesses you? Film Photography.

Can you tell us a secret? Every time I go back to Byron [Bay] I secretly love to indulge in some sustainably farmed lamb locally sourced from the town. Growing up, my family and I always ate meat but over the last six years I have been pescatarian. This year though due to sever iron deficiency I have reintroduces red meat a few times a year and I love it. 

What’s the most fun job you’ve ever done? Pandora, of course. It’s the first job where my dancing talents are being showcased with modelling as well. So much fun and inspiring for me to continue to pursue my passion: dancing.

What’s been your biggest life lesson? Never give up. Do what you love because if you don’t love your job, why are you doing it?

Mimi Elashiry is the face of the new Pandora Rose collection.