Today, Lee Mathews celebrated 20 years in fashion with a deeply retrospective resort collection rife in all the things we’ve loved about her design over the past two decades. Painterly stokes, trenchant detailing, deft craftsmanship, volume en masse, but above all else, a sense of effortlessness. Resort, in its purest form, Mathews has a knack of making it all feel just so blissfuly effortless.

And it was this idea which Lead Hair Director for KEVIN.MURPHY, Nathan Gorman, tapped for the hair look. “Effortless hair” has been in vogue for some time now. It’s a line that has been fed, on repeat, to beauty editors backstage for some five years; undone, lived-in, effortless hair, which to the untrained (and even trained) eye so often reads: did she just roll out of bed? Not today. Instead of flat, amorphous, soulless strands, Gorman coaxed model hair into what appeared to be a delicate top-knot. But top-knot this was not. “The look is a hair fold, not a top knot, not a ballerina bun, almost an elevated version of something the model could have done on herself. Each look is as individual as the woman wearing it,” explains Gorman backstage.

Softly folded and gently tucked, it was an inspired take on effortless hair which ultimately drew its inspiration from Lee’s fuss-free history. “Lee is known for her effortless pieces, her use of natural fabrics and her focus on simplicity, sustainability and inclusivity so we wanted to create a hair look that reflected this effortless appeal and had a “come as you are” attitude,” Gorman muses.

Just like Lee’s elegant drapery and languid silhouettes, the hair followed a similar design pattern. “We created a high ponytail and then we collapsed folded and stitched it. We wanted to create consistency in the feel but for each and every fold to reflect the individuality of the hair it is applied to. Each fold reflects the wearer just like Lee’s use of fabric drapes each wearer in a unique and flattering way,” he adds.

And to top it off, a single black band along the hairline to “elongate the neck and make the focus the face and the flow of the clothing on the catwalk.” Easy, breezy, effortless hair done right.

How to get the look
Prep with HEATED.DEFENSE and apply ANTI.GRAVITY Spray from roots to ends.
Blow dry hair back and up from the hairline using a bristle brush.
Using a spritz of SESSION.SPRAY FLEX, gather hair on the crown of the head and secure with a hair elastic.
Fold ponytail up and secure with another elastic, leaving 4-5 inches out towards the front. Fold remaining loop in half to one side and tie again.
Place headband around head approx. 1.5 inches from hairline.