For a model, it all comes down to skin.

It’s their canvas, their money-maker, an oeuvre, of sorts. A calling card for many a model, overall skin health and general radiance are to be kept in good check, particularly in the lead up to any fashion week.

With MBFWA hot on our Balenciaga boots, we crashed the fashion week casting party to seek out the best skin of the pretty young things. In between the almond lattes and Vans, we unearthed the secret skincare stash of girls big and small (read: tall), and how they rejig their routines pre-show.

Here, up close and personal with the most beautiful faces of MBFWA.

“I have really sensitive skin so I have to be quite specific about the products I use.

I cleanse it with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, and if I find my skin’s a bit dry, I use a bit of Lush organic exfoliant because they’re quite gentle. With exfoliants, I don’t want to be messing around with chemical ones – I do that in the morning if my skin’s dry and peeling a little and I need to have it smooth. I put extra care into my skin; when shows start your skin is the nicest, but then half way through with makeup constantly taken on and off it goes rapidly downhill! So I try and make it as perfect as it can be at the start of the week so you’re setting yourself up to have a good week rather than for failure!”


Akiima“I use coconut oil for everything,

on my whole body and face. Nothing else.”



“I cleanse with the La Mer Exfoliator Cleanser and I’ve just started using this Lush Caramel Popcorn Exfloliator –

it’s literally got chunks of popcorn in there and it smells really good. Then I’ve got this coconut scrub that’s really intense, if my skin’s really bad I’ll use that just on my nose and T-zone. I also use the La Mer Orange Oil, sometimes I mix it in with my foundation, it gives it a dewy look but soaks into your skin as well. Before fashion week, I try and avoid alcohol because it makes my skin pimply but I haven’t actually stopped that properly yet! And stop sugar and fats – when I eat them together that makes my skin breakout.”



“I just use toner by Dr Haushcka and it makes my skin so smooth.

And skip all the fats!”


“If I ever see a little pimple come up,

I will literally drink two litres of water in one go and that solves everything! I wash my face every morning with just water and every night I use Ultraceuticals – it’s my secret. I use the Balancing Cleanser because that’s for younger skin, and the Even Skin Tone Perfecting Serum, which I put on three times a week, not every night because it’s too overbearing. One night I do moisturiser, next night I do serum. I keep my routine the same all year round so my skin’s used to it – when I change my products I usually breakout.”


ELLAVERBERNE“I make my own exfoliator with coconut oil, salt and honey,

I do that once a week because it’s pretty harsh on your skin. My skin routine is very simple. I have my basics; Bioderma micellar water, cleanser, moisturiser.”


ALYSHALE“I am a big fan of exfoliant and Vitamin C serum.

I really love this Vitamin C Serum by Obagi – it’s incredible. I actually used to have quite terrible acne and it really cleared it up. My skin can be a little bit congested with this job, especially when they put so much makeup on, so I always like to make sure I don’t wear anything other than a nice serum when I’m not working. I drink a lot more water in the lead up to fashion week, I wear a bit of tinted moisturiser to castings, which is unusual for me, but I just try and look fresh. Day to day I try not to wear anything to give my skin and hair a rest. If I’m on a desert island, I need factor 50 sunscreen with my very pale Irish skin!”


“I usually exfoliate three times a week with a Dermalogica Cleanser,

and before Fashion Week I exfoliate a bit more to get rid of my tan and everything. I try to be as bare-faced as possible. I can’t live without moisturiser – I have to have it.”


KAWANIPRENTER “I definitely drink a lot of water because it does make a difference.

I wash my face a lot, moisturise and always take my makeup off. I love Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser. I eat very clean before the shows, lots of vegetables and lots of salad.” 

Photography by Erika Yin.  

Shot on location at Ovolo Woolloomooloo.