Max Dupain’s Bondi 1939 was sold for a record $31,000
Credit: Supplied courtesy of Mossgreen/Max Dupain
An auction of photographs taken from the personal archives of the iconic photographer Max Dupain has set an astonishing new record for photographic collections sold at auction, a feat that is being lauded as a coming-of-age for the photographic arts in this country.

All 500 exhibited photographs created by the artist responsible for creating quintessentially Australian images including the beloved Sunbaker 1937, pictured above, were sold to over 400 registered bidders for a record $1,663,237 – a figure that by far exceeds the previous record of $105,400.

Of the auction, which was held at auction house and art gallery Mossgreen’s new Woollahra HQ, CEO Paul Sumner remarked that it “marks a watershed moment for Australian photography at auction.” Former curator of the NGA and AGNSW, Gael Newton, added that the results also signal “he most significant marker of the maturity of the appreciation of photographic arts in Australia.”

Other works sold at record prices include Dupain’s Bondi 1939, also pictured above, which fetched $31,000; Jean with Wire Mesh, seen below, was also sold for a record $37,200; and Newport Baths sold for $21,080.

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Likewise, Dupain’s Jean with Wire Mesh 1938 sold for a record $37,200Credit: Supplied courtesy of Mossgreen/Max Dupain
Max Dupain’s Newport Baths fetched $21,080 at Mossgreen’s landmark auction of iconic Australian photographic works
Credit: Supplied courtesy of Mossgreen/Max Dupain

Tile and cover image: Sunbaker 1937, supplied courtesy of Mossgreen/Max Dupain