Masking. The Korean-born concept of slathering your face in skin goodness and revelling in its beauty prowess is now as essential as brushing your teeth, or having your morning coffee. It’s not a maybe, it’s a must, such is the magic of masking. Quite frankly, we’re hooked.

But, not all masks are created equal; some are sheet-like, some gauzy, some charcoal-based, some clay. And whilst we are partial to a sheet from time to time, our masking proclivity lies with clay. Unlike its fussy papery counterpart, clay masks are straightforward and straight to the point; making magic without the fuss of film (and devoid of any Hannibal Lecter moments). So when a new clay mask arrives on the market, it’s also a must to trial and assess (tough job, we know).

Masking addicts, meet Minenssey; the new Australian skincare brand dedicated to masking. They know their ‘m’ from their ‘a’, their ’s’ from their ‘k’, because quite simply, that’s all they do. Mask. Day in. Day out. They live it, they breath it. So naturally, they’re excellent at it.

Formulated by one of Australia’s foremost skincare alchemists, Cheryl Ross, Minenessy comprise four luxury clay masks for every skin type. Dedicated to the cause, each mask is inspired by the vast Australian landscape, using active botanical ingredients from the land to nourish and hydrate the skin. A plentiful land, Minenssey harnesses the power of the rich Australian terrain; from moonstone and snow-flower, to pomegranate and pink clay, each hard-working ingredient has been carefully curated and deftly melded together to restore and transform your complexion.

Brightening, Hydrating, Rejuvenating and Deep Cleansing – there’s a Minenssey mask to remedy each skin ailment. The Brightening Clay Mask combines black clay with moonstone extract (yes, real moonstone) and snow-flower (the white flower from the Tea Tree) to nourish, balance and most importantly, brighten the skin. After 20 minutes, you’re left positively glowing (and super smug).

For those feeling a little parched (or have a serious case of hangover skin), slather on the Hydrating Clay Mask. Using Australian white clay as its base, wild flannel flower and rosella have been added to give you the ultimate hit of hydration (and the most divine scent), restoring the skin’s natural water supplies. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, powerful enough to reduce scars and marks, you can even apply to thirsty hair. Coat locks for 20 minutes and your strands will be suitably quenched. Multitasker much?

Or, if you’re seeking a little more skin rehab, try the Rejuvenating Clay Mask. Pink clay works with Australian skincare hero Kakadu Plum and pomegnrate to restore and repair. Kakadu Plum delivers a potent dose of Vitamin C which brightens, whilst the Pomegranate offers incredible antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-aging properties. Apply liberally to stressed out skin, leave on for 20 minutes, take a cute selfie, and wash off to reveal skin glory.

And for the ultimate cleanse, smooth on the Deep Cleansing Clay Mask. Think of it as your skin’s First Aid Kit; cleansing deep within the skin’s surface and purifying pores to fight congestion. Banishing breakouts, blemishes and blotches, green clay works with antioxidant-rich Pepper Berry and Parsley Seed to naturally cleanse. This isn’t a bandaid fix, use daily and wash your skin sins away.

The ultimate mask wardrobe, Minenssey has you covered (or masked). Now, eat, sleep, Minenssey, repeat.

Minenssey Brightening, Hydrating, Rejuvenating and Deep Cleansing, $79 (each).