Maryam Nassir Zadeh has a knack at cultivating cool. If minimalism has been a sign of the times recently, MNZ is out to prove otherwise, championing an arty aesthetic that is both saturated in colour and print. From Perspex-Cinderella slippers to neon green shirring, Maryam Nassir Zadeh traverses fashion with her own kind flow. Bucking all kind of trend-driven design, hers is a brand of pure creative soul, and today in New York, both her collection and the accompanying beauty proved this.

It would seem a difficult to task to stand out amongst wild zebra, harlequin colour and graffiti spandex, but the makeup managed to do so. From the neck up, model eyes beckoned the bright lights with generous swoops of cool blue. This wasn’t a bold stamp of colour, rather, a soft haze of periwinkle blue, which sat like a halo above model eyes evoking that cool girl spirit the MNZ universe so brilliantly captures. A gentle application, makeup artist Fara Homidi diffused NARS Rated R eyeshadow across the entire lid with Monet-like finesse. This watercolour finish was soft at its edges – and reached high up to the brow – leaving behind of puff of blue in its wake. But like a bubble popped, a piercing black line cut through the cloud mimicking a trail of mascara. “Tightest line. No need for mascara, the eyeliner is the mascara,” Homidi said of the beauty look. That fine black stroke was Cleu De Peau Intensifying Cream Liner, and worked its way from the inner corner to the outer edge with an articulate flick. The “healthy glow contour” came via Chanel’s iconic Soleil Del Tan Cream Bronzer, while an array of M.A.C Powder Kiss Lipsticks were pressed into model lips for a soft finish.

If anyone is going to make us wear blue on our eyes, it’s Maryam Nassir Zadeh. Just like she made us wear holographic pumps and perspex purses, we, too, will be wearing lids painted in periwinkle and sky. “Blue is one of my favourite colours,” she told Vogue US backstage. Even wearing it on her nails, we’re willing to give it a try – all in the name of MNZ.