Credit: Angela Arlow

Intricate braids have been a mainstay in beauty for centuries, but their widespread popularity naturally fluctuates with the era. As we’ve seen both on Instagram and the red carpet, XXL braids have  been trailing the spines of some of the world’s most influential style names for several seasons. Now we’ve seen them at the first in-person fashion week since the pandemic – more specifically, swinging down Mariam Seddiq’s buoyant Afterpay Australian Fashion Week show.

These aren’t your average braids, however. The show’s hair director and Davroe Ambassador, Madison Voloshin, created an artful four-way braid that feels like an elevated take on the playful bubble braids we’ve seen on the likes of Gigi Hadid recently. Here Voloshin breaks down the (outwardly) complex style for GRAZIA, so that even the uninitiated can recreate it at home.

Credit: Angela Arlow

GRAZIA: What was the inspiration for the hair looks at Mariam Seddiq this season?

Madison Voloshin: Choosing to challenge the traditional beauty standards, Mariam hand-selected the models walking in her show with one thing in mind – diversity. Selecting models of different races, nationalities, and sizes, we aspired to capture a look that best reflected Mariam’s beliefs about choosing a hairstyle to complement.

Praised for its signature forms and architectural silhouettes, Collection Cerulean is a kaleidoscopic collection of sculptural prêt-à-couture couture that is synonymous with Mariam Seddiq – a personal expression of her own culture and experiences, highlighting structured tailoring, fluid drapery and masterful hand embellishment. A ‘four way’ braid was the perfect complement to the new collection – elegant, artful, real.

Credit: Angela Arlow

GRAZIA: What products were tasked with prepping the hair for such an intricate style?

MV: As is key with most hairstyles, prepping your hair before you braid it is vital. Brushing plays an integral part in this process, conditioning the hair for styling. As we created these subtle yet intrinsic braids on a range of hairstyles, a Mason Pearson brush was a must-have for the Davroe styling team. Utilising boar bristle and nylon tufts, the Mason Pearson brush is perfect for tackling both normal hair and thicker hair that can be harder to manage hair.

GRAZIA: Talk us through each step of how you achieved such an elaborate braid.

MV:All Davroe products, starting with Davroe BVT  foam – which is typically used to add volume, but in this case, we used it to flatten down the hair and add a subtle clean shine. When plaiting the hair, we used Davroe FORMATION to hold the hair together and added the same Davroe Brilliance Shine Mist. Davroe Shine Mist was also used for the baby hairs at the front to give it a windswept look. And finished off with Davroe COMPLETE hairspray.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JUNE 02: (EDITORS NOTE: Image was created in camera using a reflective surface.) A model prepares backstage ahead of the Mariam Seddiq show during Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2021 Resort ’22 Collections at Carriageworks on June 02, 2021 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Hanna Lassen/WireImage)

GRAZIA: What’s the secret to nailing a detailed braid like this one?

MV: The styling options are endless when it comes to braids. However, to create a perfect braid, good products and practice are essential! For more detailed and complicated braids, like the round plait we created for Mariam Seddiq, finding a friend to help you manage the strands and pull the hair tight is important! Four strands of hair can get messy otherwise!

GRAZIA: Besides having a willing friend on hand, what are your best tips for getting the look at home?

MV: A braided hairstyle is a simple, easy way to let your creativity shine through at home! Whether you are using your own natural locks, adding extensions, or mixing it up with a style like the four-way, braids are low maintenance, long-lasting and super easy to replicate! Best of all, they are a wash day style – while it may seem working with fresh, clean hair would be the way to go, braiding works better in dirty hair! The added natural oil from day-old hair helps to hold the look in place.

Before you get to braiding, there are four key items you need: a mirror, a comb, styling products and a toothbrush – for those pesky baby hairs!

  1. Prep your hair
  2. Pull hair into style – high or low ponytail
  3. Part hair into sections
  4. Spilt part into three pieces
  5. Begin braiding.
  6. Repeat until all your sections are one beautiful, thick braid

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