margotrobbietarantinoImage: Getty/Commons

Margot Robbie has a collection of iconic roles to her name – Naomi in The Wolf Of Wall Street, Jane in The Legend Of Tarzan among them – and she could be about to add another to that list: Hollywood actress and Manson Family victim Sharon Tate.

According to Deadline, Margot is in talks to star in Quentin Tarantino’s yet-to-be-announced movie about the Manson Family Murders, which will focus on Tate.

Sharon Tate was a Hollywood actress on the rise – she starred in Valley Of The Dolls – married to director Roman Polanski and eight months pregnant with their son when she was brutally stabbed to death along with four others by members of the Manson Family cult in 1969.

Given Robbie’s striking physical similarity to Tate and her recent string of powerful performances – she was credited as being the only thing that saved Suicide Squad – we’d be surprise if the role was given to anyone else. Fingers crossed.